Using Fantasy Grounds for my F2F GURPS Game

I have a kick-ass boss. He’s an old school gamer himself – played Car Wars back in the day and his kids are currently really into the Star Wars Armada miniatures – and he lets me and my gaming group use the office on Fridays to game. The thing that’s most useful about this location is the widescreen television in the room we use at the office.

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Rewatching Tennant Who

Got a wild hair up my butt tonight after the game and I re-watched “The Waters of Mars” on Amazon. It amazes me how good the Tennant era of Who was when compared to the utter crap that was Capaldi’s run. I don’t blame him, I blame Moffat who ruined the show. And now that they’ve gone on and jumped with both feet into SJW land by making the Doctor a woman … ugh. Is it sexist of me? Probably, but I’m so tired of the political correct nonsense. Next up: Jane Bond.

Mood: Frustrated

Supposed to game tonight – would have been second session of Red Sky – but it fell through. In addition to the player who’d already backed out due to grad school, his wife got hammered with work this week and had to cancel this session. That left us with three players … not ideal, but still functional. And then, one of those players didn’t show up and also still hasn’t bothered checking in or responding to text messages. If it turns out that he just ditched us and didn’t bother responding, I’m going to have to chew his ass because really, there’s nothing quite as insulting to me as that. If, on the other hand, he’s in the hospital or something and I’m just unaware of it … well, I’m a guy so I’ll tell him that’s a crappy excuse and move on…

Worst part is that since I’m not gaming, that means I can go back to freaking work. Ugh.

Work Sucks (Redux)

Nothing quite as irritating as “hey, there’s this thing I need done by Monday and, by the way, you’ll need three pages of notes to test this” from your boss at 16:30 (4:30 PM to you non-military types) on Friday. Ugh. Just … ugh.

Clean Slate, Chapter Two Planning

Planning continues for this week’s session. We’re down one player due to work – Sofia, which lets me punt slightly for her – but presumably, the other three are still going to be present. If one of them drops, then we’ll have to cancel this week and two of those players are notorious for dropping at the last second, so I’ll say there’s a better than fifty percent chance that this will be a bye-week. I’m really hoping that this isn’t going to be a repeat of Volume 3 where we actually gamed like every other week due to absences.

Anyway, the following is basically what I’ve now got in mind for chapter two. Some of this has shown up before in previous posts, but now I’m fleshing stuff out since we’ve started playing.

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Insomnia Days

Wasn’t able to get to sleep at all last night, so right now, I’m thoroughly exhausted and ready to go to bed. Since I’m doing laundry, though, I can’t … bright side is that I should sleep really, really well tonight. Presuming I don’t nod off at any time…

Netflix and Chill (Pt 1)

Watched the new “Saint” movie (with Eliza Dushku) on Netflix last night. It wasn’t terrible but definitely had the feel of a pilot for a series. Then I watched “Cloud Atlas” which was … weird. Couldn’t really lock onto most of the characters or storylines (although the New Seoul one with the Fabricant character who goes on to be a quasi saint-like religious figure? That was pretty neat and I wanted more of it and less of most of the rest.) So ultimately, interesting Netflix evening…