Plotting for Next Red Sky Adventure, “Dead Line”

We had a bye-last week – I simply wasn’t ready thanks to work … and to be perfectly honest, I’m still not ready. Truthfully, my motivation took a hit with the end of “Clean Slate” and I’ve really struggled to recover. At the moment, I’ve got a very broad outline for the underlying arc, but […]

House Rule: Using Talents on Attributes & Skills Not Listed

Had an interesting thing come up in my game Friday that resulted in me making a quick, on-the-fly house ruling. One of the characters in this game – Howard Lee – has the Natural Copper talent and, in the course of the session, he began interacting with a bad guy posing as a cop. Initially, […]

New Mutants trailer

Huh. Interesting. A horror movie with super-powers. And Alice Braga, of course. Pretty sure I was able to identify all of the mutants, though I’m torn on the blond chick – figure she’s either Magik (Illyana Rasputin) or Magma (Amara … something). With the fire shot, I’m guessing that latter? Although we saw Sunspot earlier […]

Clean Slate, Chapter 5 (Current Thinking)

So, yeah. I’ve done a terrible job of preparing for the game this week – too distracted with thinking about the GURPS Traveller game that I play in on Saturdays (it’s currently on hiatus while we do Dungeon Fantasy) that I’m going to be taking over; it wasn’t until I started thinking about and planning that game […]

GM Commentary for Session 6.04

Full recap here. As previously stated, we were down Sofia’s player due to work-related madness – I think she left work early on Friday and went camping or something, mostly to try and relax so as to head off her desire to go postal on her co-workers; thankfully, she let me know about this very […]

Clean Slate, Chapter 4 (Current Thinking)

Once again, down a player though after her end of the work conversation I overheard last week – wherein she freaked out at someone because they had just deleted 8 months of her work and then wanted her to fix it – I can’t say I blame her for wanting to just go somewhere quiet to decompress. […]