Plotting for Next Red Sky Adventure, “Dead Line”

We had a bye-last week – I simply wasn’t ready thanks to work … and to be perfectly honest, I’m still not ready. Truthfully, my motivation took a hit with the end of “Clean Slate” and I’ve really struggled to recover. At the moment, I’ve got a very broad outline for the underlying arc, but it really isn’t enough to cover five or six sessions, so I’ve got to figure out what to add.

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House Rule: Using Talents on Attributes & Skills Not Listed

Had an interesting thing come up in my game Friday that resulted in me making a quick, on-the-fly house ruling. One of the characters in this game – Howard Lee – has the Natural Copper talent and, in the course of the session, he began interacting with a bad guy posing as a cop. Initially, I had the Player make a PER check and arbitrarily told him to improve it by one – as a “Natural Copper,” I decided that he picked up on stuff that was wrong. When he then used Fast Talk on the “fake cop,” I went ahead and did the same thing on the basis that he was being very cop-like and using his vast reservoir of such knowledge. Now I wouldn’t do this all the time, only if it really fit the criteria for the talent. Since he was doing “cop” things here, it seemed logical for me to presume he’d be better than normal at spotting fakes and then fooling them. In retrospect, I suppose I could have just decided that, because he’s a “natural copper,” he automatically saw through the fakery … but I like having players roll dice so…

Would be interested to know if anyone else has done this sort of thing with talents…

New Mutants trailer

Huh. Interesting. A horror movie with super-powers. And Alice Braga, of course. Pretty sure I was able to identify all of the mutants, though I’m torn on the blond chick – figure she’s either Magik (Illyana Rasputin) or Magma (Amara … something). With the fire shot, I’m guessing that latter? Although we saw Sunspot earlier so … gah. But still, looks interesting at the very least … I like that they can do all sorts of different genres with these characters, but I am left wondering who the villain actually is. Initially, I thought maybe this was a take on the Shadow King, but they did that wonderfully in the Legion TV show…

And … I just looked at the Wiki entry and that is Magik. Sweet. I’ve always dug her. Lots of ways to go with this – since they’ve got Danielle Moonstar in there with her illusion abilities, this whole thing could just be her unable to control herself … or it could be Magik’s induction into Limbo…

Clean Slate, Chapter 5 (Current Thinking)

So, yeah. I’ve done a terrible job of preparing for the game this week – too distracted with thinking about the GURPS Traveller game that I play in on Saturdays (it’s currently on hiatus while we do Dungeon Fantasy) that I’m going to be taking over; it wasn’t until I started thinking about and planning that game that I realized how much I’ve wanted to run a sci-fi game … but again, I fricking digress. Monster Hunters, dude. Get your crap together!

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GM Commentary for Session 6.04

Full recap here.

As previously stated, we were down Sofia’s player due to work-related madness – I think she left work early on Friday and went camping or something, mostly to try and relax so as to head off her desire to go postal on her co-workers; thankfully, she let me know about this very early in the week. This session was an interesting example of me being more satisfied with how it played out immediately following the game than I was after I’d had time to think about it.

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Clean Slate, Chapter 4 (Current Thinking)

Once again, down a player though after her end of the work conversation I overheard last week – wherein she freaked out at someone because they had just deleted 8 months of her work and then wanted her to fix it – I can’t say I blame her for wanting to just go somewhere quiet to decompress. It’s too bad, actually, ’cause I had some fun Weirdness Magnet stuff in mind for her. Right now, it looks I’ll still have the other three players so …

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