Plotting for Next Red Sky Adventure, “Dead Line”

We had a bye-last week – I simply wasn’t ready thanks to work … and to be perfectly honest, I’m still not ready. Truthfully, my motivation took a hit with the end of “Clean Slate” and I’ve really struggled to recover. At the moment, I’ve got a very broad outline for the underlying arc, but it really isn’t enough to cover five or six sessions, so I’ve got to figure out what to add.



The overall story thrust involves the characters getting involved in a hunt for a missing girl who was “apparently” abducted by a NPC that one of the characters just got out of prison. I’ve borrowed this concept from one of the players who was going to do something like this in a GURPS 3E game that died years and years ago after only a single adventure/session (which was too bad ’cause it was a lot of fun.) Basically, it breaks down to this:

  • A group of wannabe warlocks needs a human sacrifice for an upcoming ritual spellcasting so they engineer the kidnapping of a local girl using an illusion and methods that will implicate NPC Shay Mackenzie, only recently freed from prison (thanks to the actions of PC Howard Lee.)
  • With the nationwide manhunt now focused on her, these wannabes are able to able to start laying the groundwork for their ritual, but are forced to seek an alternate location due to their originally planned sacrifice site has been compromised by PC Wizard Torres, the Watchman of Oklahoma City.
  • Due to his connection to getting Mackenzie released from prison, Agent Howard Lee is suspended from the OSBI and ordered to not get involved in this case, but he is contacted by Mackenzie herself who insists she is innocent.
  • Now it is a race against time to find the kidnappers before it is too late…

The referenced bit about the sacrifice site being compromised by Torres will take place in the first session and is intended to play with her Weirdness Magnet. I read some psuedo-pornish quasi-monster hunter books by Elliot Kay, specifically “Good Intentions” wherein the main character interrupts a ritual wherein a bad guy intended to bond a succubus and an angel to himself (so he can totally control them); in the process, the main character (being a Good Person) ends up both saving the angel & succubus while simultaneously ending up as the recipient of this bonding thing. Therefore, I thought it would be potentially amusing if Sofia, being a Weirdness Magnet, ends up in a similar situation. The current intent for her is thus:

  • She is travelling between Points A and Points B, but something – I’m going to have the Player tell me what it is – draws her attention to the original sacrifice site where she stumbles upon an ongoing ritual. Being a knowledgeable wizardly type, she recognizes black magic and is thus obligated to stop it.
  • In the process of this, the attempted ritual will fail in a … weird manner and Sofia will find herself the recipient of it. As a result, she’s going to be experiencing a sort of “Love Potion Number 9” type of effect where straight men (or women attracted to women) immediately fall into super-lust with her. This means I have to ensure that she keeps encountering people over and over.
  • How she gets around this … I have no idea and that should be up to her figuring it out.

Lee is going to start in media res with him getting Mackenzie out of prison and I’m going to make the player tell me how he managed it. Then … something else?

With the other players, I was hoping to get some feedback from all of them regarding what their characters are up to in the interim, but thus far, only two of the four actives have actually responded (which, in one case, isn’t necessarily a surprise.) What I want to do in the first session is basically catch up with the PCs (since almost a year has elapsed in-game), but that’s kind of hard when I’m waiting on responses.

Honestly, right now, it almost looks like this is going to be a lot of ass-pulling on my part (which I fricking hate.) Looking at the Duties and Enemies, I rolled and note the following:

  • All four PCs have a Duty (three to OSBI, one of them to a Fae Lady, and the wizard to the White Council) – all of these duties trigger.
  • Carter has Enemy (Monster of the Week) – this triggers.
  • Woo has Enemy (the Oni) – this triggers (which surprised me because it’s 6 or less)

With that in mind and what Carter’s player said during the last F2F session about digging into the events of “Clean Slate” while he’s on suspension, I can easily have a “monster of the week” go after him because he’s been digging into crap that he shouldn’t be. So, at least there, throwing a monster at him is definitely doable … I just have to figure out what kind of monster. A ghoul hitter, ala the Tigress from ‘Summer Knight’ makes the most sense.

Woo’s Enemy activating is different because I’m not sure how this plays out mostly because I technically haven’t officially figured out exactly who they are in this setting, so I’ll probably just skip it … but beyond that, I don’t know what to do with him … and honestly, I doubt I’ll get a response from him before actual gametime.

Ugh. Friday is going to be a mess. I’m going to end up spending half of the session just dealing with character crap…