Approaching the Stupid Season…

Ended up not having a game last Friday because one of the players had to drop at the last moment due to a familial emergency. Looks like we’re likely about to go onto a hiatus until post-New Years’ simply because of everyone’s inconsistent schedule. I think that, starting this week and carrying on until the […]

Gaming Tomorrow … And I’m Definitely Not Ready

Absolutely, one hundred percent unprepared. I have a very, very loose framework but I mostly expect the first half of the session to be character crap as well as discussion regarding some rules and the like. I have two fights in mind for the three scenes I have (again, only a loose framework) but have absolutely no […]

Scene Planning: Restaurant Ghoul Ambush

Planning for my Dresden Files GURPS game continues. Since I know that Jack’s “Enemy of the Week” popped and I’ve decided that this will be a hit on him by a Ghoul, I figured I better figure more out on that.