“The Last Jedi” follow-up

So, some time has passed since I saw this movie and, to my surprise, my opinion of it has steadily declined. Unlike previous SW movies where I promptly rushed out to see it again at earliest opportunity, I have been thoroughly uninterested in watching this movie again and have been left with the uncomfortable realization […]

Spoiler-Free Review of “The Last Jedi”

So, my (hopefully) spoiler-free review of “The Last Jedi” – I mostly liked it. The plot basically splits between the three new main characters (Finn, Poe, Rey) and while I mostly enjoyed two of these plotlines, the third not only basically went nowhere but ultimately made everything worse off for the Resistance. There was also […]

Persepolis Rising Review

So, book 7 of the Expanse series came out yesterday and, to no one’s surprise, I burned through it, finishing it really late (like 3 a.m. … which explains why I was late to work.) Overall, I enjoyed it but the two writers did a thing in it that I’ll go into more detail below […]