“The Last Jedi” follow-up

So, some time has passed since I saw this movie and, to my surprise, my opinion of it has steadily declined. Unlike previous SW movies where I promptly rushed out to see it again at earliest opportunity, I have been thoroughly uninterested in watching this movie again and have been left with the uncomfortable realization that, looked at everything objectively, I actually didn’t like the movie very much.

To be fair, it was not totally terrible or anything. The lightsaber fight with Rey and Kylo and Snoke’s guards was fricking amazing and the cinematography is excellent throughout, but … but …


The decision they took with Luke Skywalker ruined this movie for me. Just the very notion that the guy who refused to give up on Darth Freaking Vader considered murdering his nephew … no. It doesn’t work for me at all. And even worse … Rey is, hands-down, superior with the Force and a lightsaber in this movie with no actual training than Luke was following his initial training with Yoda. And the notion that she’s just a nobody … it makes the accusations of “Mary Sue” even more appropriate.

So yeah. TLJ was kind of bad. Worth watching for the lightsaber fight, but beyond that? Beyond that, Rogue One was better IMNSHO.

Spoiler-Free Review of “The Last Jedi”

So, my (hopefully) spoiler-free review of “The Last Jedi” – I mostly liked it. The plot basically splits between the three new main characters (Finn, Poe, Rey) and while I mostly enjoyed two of these plotlines, the third not only basically went nowhere but ultimately made everything worse off for the Resistance. There was also a bit of unnecessary (IMO) political preaching thrown in there (during the unnecessary plotline) that made me roll my eyes.

If TFA felt like a rehashed ANH, this one felt like they took the high points of ESB and ROTJ, mixed them together, and added a just enough new ideas to make it feel like something new entirely. I don’t think it is a spoiler to say that there is a lightsaber fight about midway to 3/4 through it involving Kylo & Rey which most definitely ranks up there as one of my favorites.

This movie was a lot funnier than I expected and the humor didn’t rely on dumb fart jokes (e.g. “The Phantom Menace” which … ugh.) and the jokes land fairly well.

In the end, I think I actually liked Rogue One a little better than this one probably because that final space battle in R1 utterly destroyed all previous Star Wars space battles. I’m certainly curious as to where they go with the story in the next episode but knowing that J.J. Abrams is back in the director’s chair for it makes me wince a little bit. I actually think I’d rather the guy who did Rogue One to direct it because, if nothing else, he actually has a solid comprehension of scale, something Abrams absolutely does not.

Persepolis Rising Review

So, book 7 of the Expanse series came out yesterday and, to no one’s surprise, I burned through it, finishing it really late (like 3 a.m. … which explains why I was late to work.) Overall, I enjoyed it but the two writers did a thing in it that I’ll go into more detail below that really made it feel like I was missing a book. In every one of the books thus far, there has been time between the installments – which makes sense as space is big – and this one was no different, but yeah … I still feel like I missed a chapter. Just like book 5 (“Nemesis Games,” still my favorite of the series), this one ends without the major threat fully resolved which will play into the next book and I’m generally okay with that. So yeah … good book, very interesting, looking forward to the next one.

And now, for spoilers.

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