Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

So, at the moment, there are six PCs in this campaign (since one player had to bow out.) The below are links to their stats (not sure how current they all are):

Since I operate on a “Character Subplots are Essential” mindset, I’m attempting to figure out what all I’d like to do with them individually in terms of plot and I have a few ideas. This is in addition to the whole “let’s expand the company to a massive shipping and freight corporation” I’d like to toy with. I’m hoping that the players exercise discretion and don’t read further should they bother looking at my blog at all…


Aris: I’ve already had a brief discussion about this character with the player and tossed an idea to him that he admitted to really liking. Right now, this character is really quite uninteresting. His Ally – a drone – is more useful than the core PC, especially when Aris is actively ‘driving’ the drone so we’re planning on playing with this by killing Aris’ body while his mind is in the drone (using his neural connection.) This traps him in the drone and leads to all sorts of interesting ideas. Is he still technically alive or is he just a memory of a soul? Can he come back, even in a clone or android body? Lots of fun to be had there.

Eddy: With this PC, I have a funny idea down the road where he ends up sort of falling into the nobility. The character has Unluckiness so I’m planning on having him get into a duel with some jackass nobleman using replicas of actual flintlocks and then, Unluckily, Eddy’s shot kills the guy straight out. Because of the vagaries of that particular noble’s system, it means that Eddy is officially recognized as the replacement … though he’s not going to know that for a long while.

Ella: Honestly, I’m struggling to figure out what to do with her. Very sad. Since I’ve got two, maybe three of the PCs in mind for nobility plots, I’d like to avoid that with her somehow. Maybe the Scouts try to recruit her? The player jokingly said that she should have a Quirk that was “Boyfriend in every port” so I guess I could play with that.

Buck: This character is going to learn that he’s actually the proper heir to a barony and that his cousin (who is the current baron) arranged for the PC’s memories to be altered. Depending on how the player goes, this could lead to a big mystery thing. He was also a former pirate, so I can maybe mess with that somehow like maybe his first captain comes looking for him for some reason.

Haank: The player for this character has stated he intentionally wants this PC to become “the most interesting man in the universe” … but that isn’t exactly a clear plan or anything. I am planning on introducing a potential love interest for him who is eventually revealed to be the Duchess of Mora’s heir (in disguise) which leads to potential whacky hijinks down the road. The character is also a “space golf” aficionado – we came up with some interesting visual for how that game works, like it takes place in space (so vacc suits are worn) and the object is to apply enough pressure for a ball to go around an asteroid but not so much it has escape velocity. He’s also thinking about getting into “swoop racing” (contragrav bikes). But ultimately, I don’t have a whole lot in mind just yet so I’m hoping something more interesting will come to mind.

Sae: The player decided, at the last minute, to give this character bionic parts due to traumatic injuries in his last spy mission. Currently, I’m thinking that this botched mission and the crappy intel that he was given for it (as well as his lack of back-up) has interesting opportunities. Was he left twisting in the wind? Why? This could lead to some neat spy-on-spy action where he’s hunting down the analyst who screwed him over and then, naturally, stumbles into some grand conspiracy.