Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

At my job, I’m primarily the QA guy – ostensibly, I check our software before we release it, hoping to minimize the inevitable bugs – but I’m also the backup support dude who handles the email and phone calls when the primary guy (Jim) is out. Last week, Jim took Wednesday to Friday off for vacation, which meant I had to come in early – we’ve got another guy to serve as the backup’s backup who is one of the boss’ sons so I don’t have to do 12 hour workdays when Jim is out.

Unfortunately, while on vacation, Jim managed to get the flu so he’s been out all week and it doesn’t look like he’ll be in tomorrow or Friday either. Which means … ugh. I freaking hate having to get up at 0730.

Also? I honestly hate his job. I hate having to do support in any capacity … and Jim has been making serious noises about retiring…