Game Prep: Monsaanti-Neogene Corporation

I’ve made a couple of references to the “evil korp” that the PCs are currently pitted against. This corporation was originally created by the previous GM but only as a means to force the PCs to crew on a different ship for the duration of his run. We’d run into these people during yet another GM’s run (though they were unnamed) so they came back to haunt us. Thus, I needed to stat them out.

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Game Prep: Imperial Envoys

In the course of my planning for this second adventure of our ‘fourth season’ of Traveller, I realized I needed an exterior … agent of the Imperium (without, you know, actually being that character from the novel.) Simultaneously, I had been reading a bunch of Dan Abnett’s 40K books and was greatly influenced by his Eisenhorn and Ravenor series, both of whom are Imperial Inquisitors. And then, long ago, I was a massive fan of Star Wars and their old EU introduced the notion of the Emperor’s Hand which I always dug. Finally, Altered Carbon came out on Netflix which led me to reading the first book … and from that whole mixed up marshmallow mess has come the Imperial Envoys.

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Black Panther review

Caught Black Panther last night and, contrary to my concerns (which stemmed entirely from the overhyping of the movie by various entertainment mediums), I enjoyed it. Unlike the before-mentioned mediums, I don’t think it was the best thing that Marvel has put out in the theaters – that is and remains Captain America: The Winter Soldier – but I definitely think this was one of the better ones. That said, it does have some issues that bothered me. Spoilers ahead so I’ll hide them behind the break.

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