Game Prep: Porozlo



This particular system – referred to as Warworld in a lot of Traveller source material – has already been our group’s default ‘home turf’ so when I assumed the GM duties, I decided to make that more official. A previous GM – the first who ran in this particular campaign – established that the planetary world war which had been tearing the world apart had recently come to a close, but beyond that, little had been established about the planet.

I’m using a lot of the semi-canonical information that can be found under the wiki entry for this planet, but not all of it. For example, I like the idea of the rival “blocs” (specifically, the Private Ownership Bloc versus the Free Commerce Bloc), so I’m keeping that part. The information on the nobility of Porozlo has been completely discarded so I can do my own.

As can be found on our campaign wiki, Count Para Anjiliac holds this fiefdom. He has two sons, Lords Zonno and Mika with the former being his presumptive heir. As his fief on Porozlo, Count Para has opted to establish a floating city named Anjiliac City as well as claiming the entire ocean surrounding it. Anjiliac City is squarely between the nations of Almarac of the so-called Private Ownership Bloc, and Nemso, who heads the equally ill-named “Free Trade Bloc.” Due to its placement, the city has become the official meeting grounds for warring factions and is, de facto, neutral territory.

In GURPS terms, Porozlo is considered TL9 though it is bordering on sliding into TL10. The Control Rating is probably around CR3, so sidearms and even rifles are probably okay but assault weapons (ala the gauss minigun that’s on Aris’ drone, Jim) is going to be right out. I fully expect the Control Rating to fluctuate, depending upon where one is.