Game Prep: Porozlo Skimmers

So, in the process of planning for session 4.07, I started leaning toward a flying car chase ala the one in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2. This led me to the otherwise forgettable Total Recall remake which had some really cool flying cars in them. I’m calling them skimmers.



Porozlo is TL9 (GURPS tech levels, mind you) and fortunately, the Air Car in GURPS: Ultra-Tech (p225) work pretty well for the most part. Those vehicles utilize Piloting (Vertol) though – I think in this case Piloting (Contragrav) may make more sense although that’s the skill that the air/raft uses. Comparing the UT air car to the TL9 air/raft from Traveller: Interstellar Wars, I note that the air raft is a lot tougher (HP & DR are both pretty significantly greater) but the air car is quite a bit faster (4/90 vs 1/25). The former sort of makes sense to me since an air rafter (per RAW) is capable of “surface-to-low-orbit flights” but I would expect that the speed would be higher if that’s the case. Meh. Since I want the expected Chase to be a high speed one, I clearly need to concentrate more on the air car then.

Using the existing Air Car from UT, I’ve adjusted it to reflect how I envision them on Porozlo. This version is in the more advanced bloc so it’s ST/HP and DR are slightly higher than you see in the default version in Ultra-Tech.