Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

I’ve made a couple of references to the “evil korp” that the PCs are currently pitted against. This corporation was originally created by the previous GM but only as a means to force the PCs to crew on a different ship for the duration of his run. We’d run into these people during yet another GM’s run (though they were unnamed) so they came back to haunt us. Thus, I needed to stat them out.



Looking at Boardroom and Curia book, the Biotech Euphrates example on p28 is probably really close to what I’m thinking so I’m using it as a template.


Mission Statement: Monsaanti-Neogene is a Genomics R & D Services company, that provides genomic sequencing and bioinformatics services to life science and healthcare businesses globally as well as academic and government institutions on Porozlo. Monsaanti-Neogene started operations in 1110. It is headquartered in Entreve, Zenerabi with offices in New Gevae & Ontre in Morovic and Madua in Nemso. As of 1120, Monsaanti-Neogene is investigating expansion to other planetary systems within the Rhylanor and Lanth sub-sectors.


TL: 9/10                                 Members: 200,000
Wealth: Very Wealthy
Contacts: Bioengineering-21 [4]; Business skills-15 [10]
Member Traits: None
Notable Resources: In addition to its semi-ceremonial “headquarters” in  Entreve, Zenerabi on Porozlo, Monsaanti-Neogene has dozens of facilities ranging from warehouses to office buildings to research vessels to small, rented orbital habitats. Many are staffed by a few tens of employees; only a minority are large enough to contain more than a few hundred.
Reaction-Time Modified: +3

Costs and Values

Startup Cost: $306,432,000,000
Resource Value: $1,532,160,000
Patron Value: 40 points
Enemy Value: -40 points
Ally and Dependent Value: Monsaanti-Neogene can provide a wide range of NPCs associates, from low-level (and low-point-value) technicians and clerical  workers who are suitable for large groups, to high-point-value senior executives who qualify as individual Allies.

Social Attributes

Type: Commercial, Research
CR: 2
Loyalty: Neutral (11; +1)
Rank: Business Rank 0-9 [3/level]
Income Range: $2,400 (Comfortable in an Average area, 10-hour week) to $30,000,000 (Multimillionaire 2 in a Wealthy area, 15-hour week)
-2 (among scientists because MNC is known to ‘cut corners’ to get results); +1 (for quality products, among biotech buyers)