Game Prep: Oasis Mother and Oasis Children – Alien Plant Monsters!

As before, getting ahead of myself here since I haven’t actually run 4.10 and these things may not show up until 4.12 or 4.13 (maybe even later depending on the PCs), but that’s fine. The Star Wars d20 adventure “Tempest Feud” identifies the oasis mother as a “species of sentient, predatory plant.” They are fifteen […]

Game Prep: Contragrav Bikes aka “Swoops”

In the course of various game prep, Haank’s player told me that he intended for his character to become enamored of “swoop racing” (a callback to when I ran Star Wars with him as a player) and, conveniently enough, in the coming 3rd adventure, there are several swoop gang bad guys who shall make an […]

Game Prep: Quopist

Adventure 3 is going to take the crew to this world. According to the official wiki entry, this world has “an unbreathably thin atmosphere and a lack of surface water making habitation by sophonts difficult.” It is also designated as an Amber Zone, but the wiki offers no explanation for why (which works well for […]

Game Prep: Traveller, 4.11 (Maybe) – Vargr Pirate Crew

As before, getting a little ahead of myself here since I haven’t actually run 4.10, but that’s fine. In the original scene from part one of “Tempest Feud,” there are a total 12 hostiles (including the commander which I posted my GURPS stats for earlier.) This was using Star Wars d20 rules with the commander […]

Game Prep: Traveller, 4.11 (Maybe) – Vargr Merc Commander

As before, getting a little ahead of myself here since I haven’t actually run 4.10, but that’s fine. Having stuff ready beforehand is always a good idea, yeah? Presuming the PCs finish Adventure 2 (Corporate Retreat) this coming Saturday (3/31), we’ll be going into part one of “Tempest Feud” the following week (unless someone else […]

Into the Badlands

Watching “Into the Badlands” on Netflix. Was aware of this show but never got around to watching it until now. It’s kind of ridiculous in a lot of ways but the fight scenes are everything “Iron Fist” should have been but wasn’t. And “The Widow”? Wow, she’s gorgeous.

New Blog Theme

Yeah, so I’m still playing around with this to see what I like the best so don’t be surprised if weird stuff seems to be happening to the blog. That’s just me, screwing around…

Cancelled Game … And That’s OK

We were already down two players with expected absences but a third was a no-show – found out later that he slept through his alarm; since he’s in Australia and it’s morning there, that’s a believable excuse – so we ended up cancelling this session and will pick up next week. Given how freaking tired […]