Recap and GM Notes: Traveller 4.07

The TL;DR outline recap can be found here if one doesn’t want to listen to just over 4 hours.

This was an … okay session (from a GM perspective.)



As stated, this session was a lot more disjointed than I would have liked to have it to have been. I had basically two semi-combats at the beginning (though neither were really actual tactical engagements) that I really should have run at the same time, just on different maps. As it was, half the group did nothing during the first bit, then that (mostly) flipped when I jumped to the second on. Poor Andricus (Aris’ character) basically sat on his thumb during both. I really need to handle the crew being split up better.

I was also caught a little flat-footed when the dirtside team opted to not pursue Roxy because I was planning for (and kind of wanting) an aerial skimmer chase. That was my mistake: I wanted it and really shouldn’t have tried to force the issue. Haank’s player made the valid observation that the bad guys here clearly want something … so they’ll be back.

The bout of ‘fisticuffs’ in Sam’s apartment was mostly an asspull though it fit with the general theme of Eddy’s “Unluckiness.” Plus, Sam was becoming the ship’s “tomcat” back when he was active so I thought it might be amusing if that came back to bite someone else in the ass. The “Unluckiness” is going to play out with the ‘camera’ recordings of this fight since when they’re uploaded to the local YouTube equivalent (we decided it would be called ImpStream) will end up being titled something about the beret guy saving a dude (Eddy) from an ass-whooping.

Couple of fails on my part that I noted. First, I meant to foreshadow the count’s political struggles (for adventure 3) and failed. Second, I wanted to have the dirtside PCs have an opportunity to hear that the police identified the sniper’s perch but the shooter was long gone. Right now, none of the PCs have any idea who did the shooting although they do suspect that Roxy & her personnel were more likely the targets.

Interestingly enough, Eddy’s decision to order a pizza has worked out nicely for me though the players are not currently aware of this fact. It allowed Roxy to locate where the PCs are and she led an assault team to their location. So next week, based on feedback from the players, I expect we’ll start with most of the players running some soldier types while Sae goes all Batman-Punisher on them to seize one of the dropships. This will then lead into a Chase. Presumably.

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