Game Prep: Dzarukh, 400-dTon Vargr Corsair

Two of the PCs – Ella and Sae – share an Enemy, specifically the crew of a Vargr corsair named Dzarukh. It is my intent that the PCs will encounter them in 4.11 (thanks to Sae’s other Enemy, a Zhodani group.) This means I need stats for that ship.

I referred to GURPS 3e Traveller: Alien Races 1 and the Vargr Corsair listed therein. For deckplans, I found the Aeogz Class ‘Raersthog’ (or Revenge) online over on the Citizens of the Imperium boards should it become necessary (which is entirely possible.) This vessel definitely outguns the PCs, but that’s intentional.

Essentially, what will happen is thus: the PCs arrive in-system (Quopist) but inexplicably will find a Vargr corsair waiting for them which is extremely unlikely (due to Sae’s Zhodani enemy utilizing Precog to assist the ambush.) The Dzarukh will order the crew to stand down and dump their cargo (which will be medicinal at this point); at the beginning of the first round of space combat, the PCs are in a crap position with the Dzarukh having them dead to rights – in GURPS: Spaceships terms, that’ll be Advantaged, I believe. Doesn’t mean PCs can’t fight it out with them, just that they’re likely going to get hammered unless they can pull rabbits out of their hats.

The below stats are going to be used for the ship should the PCs try to duke it out, though it’s entirely possible that the Vargr may attempt to board or the PCs might counter-board. Stats for the Vargr crew will be on the blog sometime next week.