Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Again, getting ahead of myself here – since we had to cancel last week’s session, the PCs haven’t gotten to this point – but my plan for adventure 3 (starting at around 4.11) results in the crew taking over a larger ship than they’re normally accustomed to.

Previously, we played a Traveller: Interstellar Wars game using the Lightning-class Frontier Merchant as our base of operations and I enjoyed that since it meant we had a bunch of available NPCs for someone to take over should the adventure call for it and with the size of our group, staying in the Beowulf seemed like it would be a bad idea as we’d all be in very tight quarters. Thus, I started designing this ship, which is going to (hopefully) become the new Hero Ship down the road. The “Brierfield-class” bit is something of an in-game joke as the captain of our previous Lightning-class ship (the Emerald Monarch) was named Brierfield. Therefore, I intentionally used the Lightning-class from T:IW as a template to work from.

The below stats are going to be used for the ship. Note that Traveller uses displacement tonnage for cargo instead of the flat tonnage that Spaceships does, so with a little bit of number crunching, I determined that I can roughly halve the Spaceships list to get what dTons they have available for cargo. In this case, 150 dTons which is going to be a sizable jump from the 49 dTons that our Beowulf had.