Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Adventure 3 is going to take the crew to this world.

According to the official wiki entry, this world has “an unbreathably thin atmosphere and a lack of surface water making habitation by sophonts difficult.” It is also designated as an Amber Zone, but the wiki offers no explanation for why (which works well for me.) For the purposes of the adventure, the amber zone is due to a planet-wide plague that has not spread to other worlds as of yet.

I further note that the wiki states that 60% of the population are Jonkeereen who are a variant human race with the following adaptations: “Protective membranes shield his eyes and ears from windblown sand; changes to his metabolism allow survival on the scant resources of arid plains. A highly efficient perspiration system and a large body surface area work to cool him in temperatures often exceeding 50°C — far above human tolerance. His dark complexion shields him from the radiation of Jonkeer’s lurid red sun.” This sounds a lot like the Drylander parahuman template from Biotech (p71), so that part is easily covered.

In the original Star Wars d20 adventure, this world is known as Endregaad which is “an arid, dusty world of plateaus, mesas and colorful rock formations of red sandstone and blue granite.”

Note that the UWP is B551679-A with “High Law” (no weapons out of home) which probably translates to GURPS Control Rating of CR5 or Repressive. This is going to definitely be problematic for Haank who has Honesty, but I’m hoping to get across that this CR5 is a “theoretical” control rating. Thanks to the plague, society has basically broken down so authorities don’t really give a frak if someone is walking around with a sidearm; break out the military-grade weapons, though, and they do start to notice…

The main city on Quopist is going to be named Tel Bollin and I’m going to use NiJedah from Rogue One as a visual image, complete with it being up on a high plateau.

In GURPS terms, Quopist is considered TL10^ (since it’s listed as Traveller TL A), so that means I’m not going to be worried about having the Traveller equivalent of a “swoop bike” (which are repulsorlift bikes.) Stats for those are likely forthcoming in a future post.

Quopist is also home to the “oasis mother” which is a species of sentient, predatory plant. Stats for that are also forthcoming.