Game Prep: Contragrav Bikes aka “Swoops”

In the course of various game prep, Haank’s player told me that he intended for his character to become enamored of “swoop racing” (a callback to when I ran Star Wars with him as a player) and, conveniently enough, in the coming 3rd adventure, there are several swoop gang bad guys who shall make an appearance. Thus, I figured I should make sure to have stats for them.

I glanced through a number of GURPS and struggled a bit. The Grav Bike in Basic (p465) seems pretty darned close when you boil it down and I used it as a template. This version only seats 1 instead of the occupancy of 1+1 that is with the Basic grav bike; it is also a bit faster than the original version and, as a result, is a slightly more fragile.