Recap and GM Notes: Traveller, 4.10

The TL;DR outline recap can be found here if one doesn’t want to listen to just over 4 and a half hours.

In retrospect, I should have realized that this was going to turn out to be nothing more than a really, really long firefight but, as is too often the case, I started to suffer from some tunnel vision. I really should have tried to figure out a way to make this entire thing more visually exciting … like maybe have the building start coming down around them while they fought? It’s really irritating to start thinking about these sorts of things after the case. I absolutely need to figure a way to make these sorts of engagements a lot more interesting in the future – both Eddy and Sae actually did help a bit in that regard since they took some very interesting combat maneuvers during the firefight. Which … dammit. I should have rewarded them for.

Once again, Eddy blindsided me with his rashness – charging forward to tackle the facility commander. This is turning into a recurring problem that I need to figure out how to more properly handle. Honestly, I need to start thinking of “what’s the worst thing that could happen right now to derail my intended plot” since that’s probably what Eddy is going to do. My original intent was to have the facility commander be more of a hassle but instead, she was less of a roadblock or distraction than most of the armored guys were.

Frustratingly, the post firefight denouement was too rushed although we were well over time by that point so there was really no way around it, I suppose. In fact, I’m finding that, after the fact, I’m doing too much rushing as GM. I really need to find a way to relax and stop pushing myself to rush through some things while running. Standard problem, I suppose. At the moment, then, the PCs are still completely in the dark about what MNC was up to … which is probably fine for the time being.

All of the players immediately began to suspect that Sam is behind the Star’s disappearance, but that’s probably fine since I suppose the characters would jump to that conclusion as well.

Next week, adventure 3 begins, although the first session is probably going to be initial setup stuff as well as catching up on what the PCs have been doing in the period of time between adventures 2 and 3 (which will be about 21 days.)

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