Game Prep: Traveller, 4.11 (For Real This Time!)

As stated elsewhere, Tempest Feud begins with this adventure. Originally a 3-part long adventure arc set in the Star Wars universe, I’ve start retrofitting it and have a solid grasp of how everything fits together. Fortunately, I’ve already established the growing problem that is Tempest on Porozlo, so when PCs stumble into addicts, they’re not going to be surprised or anything.

As we ended the previously adventure, the corporation that had caused the PCs so much trouble was being torn apart by other companies thanks to the actions of the crew. This meant the lawsuit that basically grounded their ship was thrown out, but when they went to reclaim the Spinward Star, they discovered she was missing! All of the PCs (logically) presumed that this was due to Sam bugging out with the Star but there is no proof so an investigation is launched by the Starport Authority since this evidently happened under their noses.

Before I even get started with the adventure proper, though, we will begin with various PC subplots. I’ve already advised the Players that 21 days will have elapsed since the conclusion of the previous adventure (which puts us at 347-1122) and that the crew have spent a lot of time in meetings with Starport Authority investigators looking into their missing ship. The players have started letting me know the kinds of things their PCs are up to in that time. For the most part, these appear to be relatively easy to handle.

  • Aris … I’ve got nothing for, which is fine as the player will be out for this session.
  • Buck is taking some flying lessons to improve his ability to use the contragrav belt. I’m also planning on at least giving him a chance to dig into the possibility that he’s a long-lost noble heir.
  • Eddy spends at least a week in jail; he totally was involved in illegal stuffs, just not what he was arrested for. He somehow built a good rapport with the LEOs & ended up being invited to the policeman’s ball. He also swiped an important note from the desk of one of the detectives.
  • Ella has become obsessed with Sam’s disappearance and has been digging into this as much as she can.
  • Haank is generally being Haank – working, digging into citizenship applications, doing some golfing, fishing, but mostly too busy with the legal issues to do more than that.
  • Sae – I haven’t heard anything from him yet.

With all of this in mind, I’m leaning toward actually starting 4.11 with a fight … that Ella accidentally started. Interesting thought here: what if all players (but Ella, of course) play random nobodies who are just fighting anyone, including one another. So it turns out to be a massive bar fight.

I’d originally intended on Envoy Dannica paying a visit to Sae to pass on the information that her target, Breyon Sodhii who the PCs know is related to their own woes, managed to evade her and escape … but with this revised idea of starting with the fight, I could have have her show up to chat with Ella instead. I can also use this fight to highlight the continuing tempest issue – maybe have one or two of the local thugs be addicts while the rest aren’t. So … stats needed:

  • Regular Thug – I have stats for these guys at 75 points using the Rogue template from Traveller: Interstellar Wars
  • Tempest Addict – these stats are basically the same as above, just with the tempest stuff added, which bumps him to 175 points.

More importantly, Dannica can provide Ella with a message from Sam that she obtained from the Nemso Orbital comm-network; it was intended to be delivered to Ella the moment she got back into the Porozlo data network, but Sam messed up some settings so it was just sitting in the data buffer and was never going to be received. This message confirms the PC theory that Sam escaped with the Spinward Star … although based on what Envoy Dannica discovered, he also spent a lot of money to have the ship discreetly renamed and retagged in the systems so as to avoid notice by Monsaanti-Neogene: the name Sam gave this ship is the amusing Ellasaurus Rex which Dannica presumes is something of an in-joke. (Which it is since the player who originally ran Sam basically ripped off Wash from Firefly in the first place.)

So, back to Nemso Orbital we go where the crew can discuss their options. At this point, the adventure proper begins. The sequence for this is currently:

  • PCs are contacted by Vago Gejalli, who represents the count of Porozlo. His Excellency wishes a meeting with them. At this point, they really don’t have much else on their plate so …
  • PCs meet with Vago and have the potential to improve his opinion of them by assisting him with some freight-handling.
  • Once this is done, they go planetside to the count’s fief. Along the way, they may learn from Vago that the count is aware of their PCs situation and their link to the collapse of MNC has positively inclined his excellency toward them.
  • In the Audience Chamber, PCs meet with Count Para and his firstborn, Viscount Zonno. The count is always surrounded by a trio of intimidatingly fit (and very attractive) women, while the viscount has an aslan retinue.
  • From the count, the PCs learn that he needs a crew to take a ship to Quopist (in Lanth) with a cargo full of medicines to help with an ongoing plague on that world. This is secondary to the true reason for this: his second born, Lord Mika, is on Quopist & the count wishes him rescued or retrieved. Payment will be considerable.
  • During these negotiations, the viscount and his aslan retinue snicker and mock the PCs, which culminates in a fight between one PC (likely Sae) and one of Zonno’s aslans. This is due to the viscount arguing that the PCs look like wimps and his aslan should go instead, hence, a wager between the two. Eddy, if present, can totally assuage his Compulsive Gambling and get in on the action. (I will probably let another player run the aslan during this fight.)
  • Following this fight, the PCs are freed to visit the ship, the Miss Adventure. Due to her size, they’ll need to recruit some additional bodies but fortunately, most of their former crewmen from the Aimless Pilgrim are available.
  • Also, following this, one of the PCs – probably Eddy, presuming he jumped in on the gambling – will be contacted by Viscount Zonno who will strongly hint toward wanting his brother to not make it back. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
  • My ideal end point (presuming I can actually get this far in the session) is to have the Miss Adventure departing Porozlo…

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