Game Prep: Traveller, 4.11 (Part Deux)

Heard back from Sae’s player regarding his character’s subplots during the 21-day period. Specifically, he wants to investigate the nature of his most recent Imperial Intelligence operation in the Aramis sub-sector. This happened while that player was running the game and he used the covert op as a reason why Sae wasn’t present as an active PC. When I took over, I established in 4.06 that his Aramis op was wholly unsanctioned so his PC was in trouble with his superiors because of this fact.

Therefore, digging into this is his primary objective. His secondary objective is to look into Eddy’s stolen money. With the latter, he’s going to run into a couple of dead ends – perhaps literally – but will ultimately conclude that the money is gone. The former, though, I’d like that to actually make some minor headway so what I’m thinking is to combine this with my planned “Ella starts a fight.”

What I’m thinking is that Sae is already at the Sleazy Urban Bar that Ella ends up arriving at. He is basically there to meet with a potential asset who has information on the “person of interest” who originally assigned him to the Aramis op, Gerhard Kansii. So when Ella enters, Sae is likely lurking at a darkened booth. When the fight breaks out, Sae will see two things:

  1. His potential asset gets knifed in the back by one of the thugs
  2. After the fight, he’ll catch sight of Kansii’s psionic agent, Katelyn, before she pulls a Batman (probably with a bus passing between them and then, she’s gone.) This should hint to him that the fight was started by her via mind control.

Note that I’m sort of tempted to allow a Chase here with Sae making the attempt to grab her, maybe while Ella fights so Sae has to figure out whether he remains in the bar to help his captain or whether he leaves her to pursue Katelyn … but this leads to the question: what happens if he catches her? I currently don’t have her stats and kind of want to avoid making them…I suppose if Sae is just about to catch her, she can hit him with her mojo so he wakes up later or something. Honestly, with the way  that the character is played, I expect he’s going to stay behind to help out Ella.

Anyway, the below is the map that I’m planning on using for the tactical fight.

As stated previously, Envoy Dannica will show up and pass on the information that I’d originally intended to add, which includes the message from Sam.

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