MCU: Incorporating the Fantastic Four & the X-Men

So, I made the mistake of watching X-Men Apocalypse last night and … blech. That was a boring movie. The trailers for it looked so bad to me that I only just bothered watching it and my concerns were clearly borne out.

But while watching it, I kept thinking “How does the MCU incorporate these guys or the FF since they can?” With the X-Men, Magneto is almost required since he’s so closely tied to Xavier (the Malcolm X to Charles’ MLK Jr) but having him be a Holocaust survivor grows increasingly more and more difficult as time goes by. Right now, if Magneto showed up in 2018 and was about 10 or so in the Holocaust, that puts him in his 80s. So that isn’t going to work.

However, it occurs to me that we’ve already got the framework to explain him in the existing movies with Hydra and the mid-credits scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This one.

It covers all of the needs. Hydra are Nazis, after all, and von Strucker clearly indicates in this scene that they’ve killed a lot of people in their tests – the so-called “volunteers”, all of whom (but the twins) are dead and will be “buried so deep their own ghosts can’t find them.” This is perfect in every way. Imagine the scene: Magneto (recast, but old enough to be the father of Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver) is experimented on by Hydra operatives. He screams and screams and screams before seemingly dying. Von Strucker could totally have a walk-on scene here – the wasting of Thomas Kretschmann in Avengers: Age of Ultron still kind of pisses me off; he would have been an awesome bad guy but they just killed him off for no stinking reason – and they declare this subject a failure. Cut to our recast Magneto buried with a whole bunch of other bodies … but he suddenly wakes up and discovers his magnetic abilities.

And then, Sokovia collapses around him just as he’s emerging from the chaos.

Fast-forward to whatever the present is and bam, he’s ready-made for the modern age, complete with Nazi Holocaust-slash-ethnic cleansing ties.

As to the Fantastic Four, I actually think I’d do thinks a little differently. Have them start out in the 1960s so you can have the whole space race thing present. Play with the whole “Fab Four” Beatles thing as well. I like the idea of John Krasinksi as Reed Richards & Emily Blunt as Sue Storm (let her use her natural accent, so Johnny is also British), although if someone is going to absolutely insist on some ridiculous diversity casting, recast Reed as the black guy so the era – 1960s – explains why he isn’t as well known as Stark. They go for the space thing – maybe a moon shot? – and BAM! They vanish. Everyone presumes they’re dead.

But surprise! They suddenly reappear following a timeskip, now with powers! And the world they return to is drastically different from what they left. And of course, Doctor Doom is done right this time, dammit. FOLLOW THE FRICKING COMICS!

Just thinking out loud…