Recap and GM Notes: Traveller, 4.11

The TL;DR outline recap can be found here if one doesn’t want to listen to just over 4 hours.

I found this to be not much better than “okay” although everyone at least seemed engaged. Once again, I find myself rushing through stuff when I shouldn’t. In my F2F Friday game, the current GM has a big note on the inside of his GM screen telling him to relax and breathe and calm down … I need that to, it looks like because I keep rushing through stuff that I need to slow down with.

The initial fight in the ‘sleazy urban bar’ let me advance Sae’s intel plan as well as pass on the Sam information. In retrospect, I think I should have done something slightly different, like had all of the barflies turn toward Sae at the same time and speak to him with a single voice. Hmm. May have to keep that in mind for the future for the next time he runs afoul of Katelyn. Unfortunately, this meant I ended up giving Ella short shrift … again, see before-mentioned gripes about me rushing stuff.

I also did an inadequate job of just handling the entire back half of the session, IMO. None of the players complained and seemed to have at least a modicum of fun – the “Ellasaurus Rex” bit went over surprisingly well – but the aslan-vargr fight wasn’t as engaging or as exciting as I would have liked.

Beyond that, this was again mostly setup which I ended up being less happy about. I’m hoping that this is just yet another example of me being my own worst critic … I think I need to listen to the YouTube recording tonight after work to get a handle on what it was that bothers me.

Likely no game this coming week – I’m driving out of town on Thursday, then driving back on Saturday so I have my doubts that I’ll be coherent and/or away enough to run. Still, I’ll likely be making random game prep posts throughout the week anyway…

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