Game Prep: Traveller, 4.12

Ignoring the fact that there likely won’t be a game this week because I’ll be travelling, I’m starting work on planning for this session.

As stated elsewhere, Tempest Feud begins with this adventure. Originally a 3-part long adventure arc set in the Star Wars universe, I’ve started retrofitting it and have a solid grasp of how everything fits together. Fortunately, I’ve already established the growing problem that is Tempest on Porozlo, so when PCs stumble into addicts, they’re not going to be surprised or anything.

We ended the previous session with Sae defeating an aslan bodyguard in a hand-to-hand duel to prove to Count Para that the PCs are capable enough. This fight was resolved via a brutal kick to the groin (using Extra Effort (Strong) which resulted in 8 points of crushing damage to the testes.) As a result, I’m sort of leaning toward having this aslan show back up as a pseudo-Enemy for Sae because he’s been humiliated.

Anyway, we have some additional setup to handle before they depart Porozlo:

  • PCs need to assemble some additional crew – half of them are currently leaning (and arguing) for bringing in the former Aimless Pilgrim crew, a couple want to just bring in randos.
    • I am hoping for the Pilgrim crew because they’re already established NPCs and are at least a bit more trustworthy than people “Eddy knows.”
  • PCs need to check out the ship, etc.
  • PCs need to discuss payment
  • PCs need to get some specifics about the mission – learn about the inoculations they have to get, what assets the Quarantine Agency has in place, etc.
  • The ship is still being prepared – medicines being stored, fueled up, etc. – and it will be a day before she’s ready to depart.
  • At least one of the PCs – probably Eddy? – will be approached by agents of Viscount Zonno with the discreet “I’d prefer it if my brother didn’t come back. Wink wink nudge nudge.”

But above and beyond that, I have a couple of other things that I’d like to knock out here

  • Eddy absolutely needs to be pressured by some muscle from the guy he owes a debt to, a sort of “The boss wants to have … words with you.” kind of thing. He’s inevitably going to try and talk his way out of this and with his positively insane skill levels in that regard, he could theoretically succeed … fortunately, Eddy is Unlucky so I can spring that at any time. I can see this quickly turning into a Chase (which would only end up pissing the guy(s) off even more), but is basically intended to be a beat down where they bloody him up and bounce his face off a wall or something. If they have to Chase and end up catching him, broken limbs are not out of the question.
    • Hmm. I could also re-introduce Gerhard Kansii (the maybe spy who is up to no good) here by having him “help” Eddy … but that only works if Eddy is by himself. All other PCs know Kansii and Sae at the very least would like to take him in so Kansii is going to be discreet. I’m eventually intending on having Kansii approach Eddy anyway – he’s going to take over the Debt, maybe turn it in to a Duty, and try to flip Eddy into a spy on the count.
  • I need to at least address Ella’s previous attempt to meet with her private investigator who was looking into Sam’s disappearance so as to establish that Envoy Dannica hijacked the investigator’s comm-account.
  • Haank is likely going to at least start advising the Starport Authority people that Sam buggered off with the ship. Maybe.

Anyway, once the PCs depart Porozlo, it’s two Jumps to Quopist. Upon arrival, however, we’re going to go straight into the potential space combat with the vargr Enemy that Ella and Sae share; because it is almost statistically impossible for these fellows to be waiting in this exact spot for the PCs, I’m not sure if the PCs will discover the “How” of this pseudo-ambush although I may share to the Players that Sae’s other Enemy, a Zhodani counter-intelligence group, kicked so I decided they somehow used the equivalent of farseeing and arranged for the corsair to be there. Now this can play out a number of ways:

  • Space battle as indicated. If this is the case, the PCs are going to get hammered in the first round because of placement.
  • PCs let/trick the vargr into boarding, then engage and counter-board. I actually think this is my preferred scenario, especially if the PCs are creative or just do something neat/cool.
  • Dive into a space Chase to get within the aegis of the Quarantine Agency forces

In any event, this could conceivably allow both Ella and Sae to buy off their respective Enemy. What they end up doing with the ship is up to them as well, although I’m likely going to have the Quarantine Agency fighter types approach soon after the PCs board. This way, that particular ship could conceivably come back later…

I have my doubts we will get further than this, especially if we end up going into tactical combat with the boarding/counter-boarding action.

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