Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Had an interesting thought regarding the Dzarukh corsair that I stated out here. Specifically with regards to the missiles. Notably, a single missile using Spaceships is potentially a ship-killer – 6dx8 (2) is freaking brutal; presuming average damage of 3, that comes out as 144 points that halves DR! In this case, though, it occurred to me that such a weapon is not a great idea for a pirate – destroying the ship you want to loot is kind of self-defeating. So I had a thought based on something I wrote in a Trek fanfic an eternity ago. Basically, the concept is that a single missile houses multiple (albeit much smaller) warheads; utilizing proximity detonation, the primary missile breaks apart into the smaller warheads that then swarm the target. Obviously, they do significantly less damage than the larger one (so, say each warhead does 1d per warhead instead of 6d?) but even then, they want to seize the target vessel and this doesn’t help.

So, with that in mind, what if we add the Surge modifier to each warhead? So maybe go with 1dx5 (2) cr sur for each warhead … this still does some damage but the Surge part has the chance of shutting down additional systems which, on older starships with crappier HT checks, works fantastically. Yeah. There we go.