Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

The TL;DR outline recap can be found here if one doesn’t want to listen to just under 4 hours.

This session can really be split up into three parts – tempted to say beginning, middle and end – which break down into Porozlo negotiations, space battle, and boarding action. With the Porozlo bit, we needs to take care of some admin stuff. Unfortunately, straight away, one of the players was getting antsy about this and wanted to just “get on with it.” This player is in the middle of a big move (from Omaha to down here in OKC) so his antsiness is kind of understandable. Still, I tried to hurry that along but we kept getting distracted, which didn’t help.

Roughing Eddy up was always part of my plan, but again, it didn’t quite work as well as I intended. After the fact, I realize that Eddy needs a “win” at some point in the near future since he’s been relatively unsuccessful with regard to his area of expertise. So I have to keep that in mind.

And then, the space battle. OMFG, I screwed this up while simultaneously observing issues I have with the Spaceships system. It did not help that the PCs spent way too much time arguing over what to do once they realized that the vargr ship had them missile-locked, but even still, the fact that the Spaceships combat system doesn’t have rounds happening simultaneously but instead everything is based off the pilot(s)’ speed really complicates matters. The damage dealt out to the Miss Adventure was fairly significant (and I still haven’t determined exactly how expensive it is to repair that sort of damage) but it was the Surge effect from the swarms that knocked them out – six warheads got past the point-defense (one of the gunners rolled like crap) so I had all six of the players roll once for the ship’s health … and one of the players (Buck’s, I think?) rolled a 17. The system knocked out (appropriately enough) was the Engine Room. And the PCs didn’t even get a chance to properly shoot back! This is one of my problems with this system – I think it should happen simultaneously so two ships could conceivably knock each other out. I may float that as an alternate to the Players to see what they think? At the same time, though, this actually sort of made sense as the vargr were waiting in ambush and were “Advantaged.” Still, I felt like this was a complete fail on my part.

At this point, Ella’s player declared that they were sending a “we’re standing down” message to the vargr. Haank’s player called for a Tactics check – which I thought was a good idea – then barely made it by 1; luckily for him, I failed by 1, so rather than have the vargr use breaching charges against the doors and enter very aggressively (complete with attack drones), I determined on the fly that they were bored and complacent and not expecting stiff resistance. As a result, they ended up losing an entire team (five vargr) including their overall pack leader (commander) in the opening seconds of the encounter – Ella, armed with a shotgun that Sae gave her, was particularly deadly. At the same time, Eddy was going on a space walk with explosives that he was planning on setting on the vargr ship.

We ended there, with the PCs about to counter-board the vargr ship. The players are already discussing what to do when they take the corsair which, based on how easily they’ve blown through the initial bad guys, doesn’t seem to be getting ahead of themselves. Now I’ve got to figure out how to make the boarding action actually interesting…

On the bright side, the PCs being badass as they blow through the vargr mercs was the last scene of the session so everyone remembers that instead of the thoroughly botched up space battle.