Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Had an interesting thought regarding the whole “counter-boarding action” thing – the group has sort of previously established that Haank is in command during tactical situations (which this definitely is) so if he orders the other PC to not counter-board … they’re not going to. I sent along a reminder to Haank’s player about that to see what he says – I sort of anticipate him to say yeah, Haank is going to order them back.

That leaves me with a lot of empty space to fill and I had a neat idea (naturally at freaking midnight, when I’m trying to go to sleep!) about what to do next. I’d already stated in my previous prep notes for 4.13 that the Resolute’s commander wants this ship, so that’s a point, but in the adventure itself, there’s a bit later where the bad guys these vargr are replacing attempt to ambush the PCs on the ground as well, so what I’m thinking is thus:

  • Presuming Haank orders them not to counter-board, suddenly, the corsair pulls away hard, tearing free of the connecting umbilical.
  • At the same time, the pilot of the Miss Adventure (who is still near or at her controls on the bridge) shouts out for everyone to brace for emergency maneuvers! She throttles up the drive hard which throws people not using mag-boots around.
  • Poor Eddy. He’s outside the ship so he’s caught off-guard when she suddenly thrusts away! This leaves him floating free (and probably some of the vargr who were in the aft section as well)!
  • The corsair opens fire on the Adventure at pretty much point-blank range – SM +9, Zero Range +20, sAcc of +5, plus RoF bonus +2 for total of +36; worst possible roll that isn’t a critical fail puts 13 rounds on-target! – this will rip into the Adventure all along the Front Hull … and potentially hitting PCs which could give Ella’s player an out for her character if she takes even a single shot … I mean, that’s 5dx3 (2) burn decade-scale … although honestly, I should use the casualties bit in space combat with the worst being 6dx6 crushing damage (which is theoretically 216 points but is actually more likely 108 … or just 8 to chest after reducing space armor.) 3d-2(10) burn is potentially awesome though, especially on a limb. This is also a great way to kill off Aris while he remote-piloting Jim…
    • Presuming just a single hit from that corsair (which isn’t going to be likely – no one to Dodge!) at complete averages, that’s 45 points of damage, then reduced to 25 after DR. After last week’s shenanigans, the Adventure is already down to 43 hp (out of 200) so just two hits will put them into the negatives. Again, presuming above 13 hits, that’s a total of 325 points! This puts the ship beyond the threshold of one Death Check.
    • For sake of “I don’t want to blow up the ship right now,” let’s cap the number of shots that penetrate to 5. This is a total of 125 points which, while putting the Adventure into the negatives (-82, in fact) doesn’t put them to the first death check threshold.
    • This allows me to have all PCs roll against the Casualties chart. PCs may us CPs as normal.
  • Anyway, back to the “excitement” – there was a NPC gunner who could potentially retaliate though this is unlikely because he was getting ready to shoot – it’s actually more likely he’s a casualty … although he would get the -1 to the check because he’s in a Core system at the time – but then the corsair breaks off and begins burning hard away … and the NPC pilot declares that a flight of Imperium fighters (say 3) are pursuing! Three others are angling toward the PCs.
  • During this, Eddy will see flashes and sparkles of laser fire. Nearby should be the boarding shuttle which was probably his target … but now there are some hostiles near it and they’re likely going to be shooting at him and/or Jim, the drone who was outside the ship as well.
    • Something I would like to do is actually have Eddy accidentally kill one of the vargr. Thus far, the player has gone out of his way to avoid actually killing anyone because that doesn’t fit Eddy’s character so I’d like to sort of force him into it to give him an opportunity to roleplay Eddy dealing with this.
    • With that in mind, I could trigger his Unluckiness here. The explosives he was carrying have been triggered somehow – the ARMED thing starts flashing and counting down – so logically he will throw it away from him. Knowing Eddy’s intentional attempt to avoid killing, he’s going to intentionally try to hurl in the opposite direction … so how do I describe him screwing up the throw? He’s got great Free Fall and Spacer skills – 13 in it – so asking for that kind of roll doesn’t work. I suppose I could just say that it gets tangled up in something which alters the trajectory so the explosive tumbles squarely into the chest of a vargr before it explodes and vaporizes him. Eddy is (likely) aghast.
  • Eventually, Eddy and any surviving vargr may be retrieved.

This way, I can have the vargr show back up later on the planet (having eluded the fighters or damaged them sufficiently that they were forced to break off; perhaps they even killed a couple … hmm. I may do a sort of “roll this out myself” to determine what happened?) while simultaneously establishing yet another reason why Krin wants them…