Game Prep: Tempest (Part 3, Revised)

I realized after the fact that bumping the Basic Speed of a bad guy while they’re on tempest also means that their Basic Move is jumped up as well, and that sort of defeats the purpose. These addicts aren’t any faster physically … so now I’m back to needing to add ETS to the and then making sure that I update the characters manually. I suppose I could add a Reduced Basic Move 2 {10} to counter-act the improved Basic Speed … but again, just giving them ETS and fixing the NPC stat block in Fantasy Grounds by adding 3 or 4 to their Basic Speed will resolve this, I suppose.

The Euphoria thing pretty much cripples any NPC using this in combat. So I’m dropping that and replacing it with Berserk (Battle Rage) (12 or less) {-15} to better reflect what it was in the original source material (added basically the D&D Rage.)

So. The current (hopefully) final stats for this drug turns out to be: Enhanced Time Sense (lasts for HT seconds immediately after use … so my bad guys all need to basically do a Ready action to take a hit); High Pain Threshold for HT-2 hours; Lifting ST 4 for HT-2 hours; Striking ST 4 for HT-2 hours; Berserk (12 or less) (Battle Rage) {-15}; (Severe) Delusion (I am INVINCIBLE!) for HT-2 (so I need to have them constantly making All-Out (Strong) Attacks; as well as the Euphoria condition which applies a -3 to DX, IQ, skill and self-control checks.

A second dose within a 12-hour period still requires a HT-4 check to avoid immediate physiological addiction; each subsequent dose within that 12-hour period requires an additional HT check at an additional (and cumulative) penalty of -1 (so, taking a third dose in 12-hours requires HT-5, a fourth dose is HT-6, and so on.) Currently, tempest is relatively cheap – $50 per dose – which may explain the growing number of addicts. Tempest is ingested via an inhaler. Addiction to tempest is a -15 point disad (it has the totally addictive modifier, which gives a -10 to withdrawal rolls.)

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