Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

The TL;DR outline recap can be found here if one doesn’t want to listen to just under 4 hours.

This was a weird session and I left it feeling a little weird. Nothing was bad, per se; I just felt kind of strange at the end of it and couldn’t quite put my finger on what.

Something I straight away forgot to deal with was the two guys who had directed the PCs to the cantina. With Haank in charge (he has Honesty), I expect they’d be paid as promised, but I need to verify this.

Second, this entire session was mostly just a little bit of setup near the beginning, a tiny bit of ‘travel montage,’ then the plant monster fight. I actually wasn’t sure if I was going to use the ‘oasis children’ encounter (from the original source material) or have a raiders hit the caravan until I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the former simply because they’re alien and I don’t do enough of that sort of thing enough.

I probably screwed up a bit with regards to the oasis children’s “temperature” and whether they would show up on thermals. I said ‘no, they don’t’ and now, I’m not sure if that’s entirely correct. Not a big thing but the sort of thing that some of my players will argue over.

During the fight, Eddy went down due to the paralysis effect early on – he took 1 point of cutting damage after DR, then failed the HT check by 1 – so the player started digging into the gravity and the like of Quopist which turned out to be a lot lower than I expected it to be … which then led to some funny moments centered around Armin. Three times in a row, she did maximum damage with a (Strong) kick – 12 freaking points! – and, until Sae broke out his vibro-kukri, she was dealing the most damage of the group since two of them (Buck & Haank) were armed with gauss weapons and Sae’s pistol was less effective than he’d like.

I did not realize until gameplay that the oasis children’s Dodge was only 5 – I gave them Blindness per the original source material, but with Vibration Sense so they could “see” – which basically meant I should have gone ahead and done nothing but All-Out Attacks since I was that unlikely to Dodge. Lesson learned.