Game Prep: Traveller, 4.15 (Part 2)

Giving additional thought to the planned oasis mother encounter, specifically in regards to the combat part of the map. Naturally, I can’t quite find the exact map I’m looking for, so what I’m thinking is dropping the below map in GIMP & swapping around the color palate so the “water” are tunnels and the “land” here is solid.

This means I need to figure out placement for the mother … at the moment, I’m sort of leaning toward it being above the PCs – so the wider mouth of the river thing in the map is also a lot taller as well. My ideal scenario has the PCs entering these tunnels, gradually realizing they’re in trouble – totally envisioning Ripley freezing and realizing she’s surrounded by “eggs” in Aliens – then inevitably looking up to see the oasis mother. Then I can have the zerg rush beginning, perhaps with poor Doctor Lewys standing in for a doomed red shirt (because he, like Eddy, has Unluckiness, but as a NPC, his bad luck takes precedence over a PC.) Although … more likely, the dude they’re looking for may be found here, deader than a doornail (sucked dry.) Explosive rounds should cause the lava to begin flowing once more and, if the PCs manage to force the oasis mother to fall, her falling mass will break through the rock and into the lava below … which should cause the oasis children to go insane (Mindlink and all.) Her thrashing about in pain should further cause trouble … hmm. I could totally throw in a Race here (maybe 3 to 6 rounds to escape the collapsing tunnel?) or maybe try to figure out how to do the skill challenges thing in GURPS.

A couple of other things immediately come to mind. Before we even get to this point, I have to get the PCs to this point and that’s not a given, especially as I’m totally going to have Dr. Lewys freaking out and insisting to Haank that they’ve done their due diligence. Clearly (following the initial oasis children attack from last session), they know what happened to the poor fellow so they’ve done their job and can go back. He’s definitely not wanting to follow these things any further. So, presuming that the PCs do proceed, I need to ensure they realize that the terrain is changing and that the trail leads down into a tunnel-like thing that an appropriate skill check may identify as a really old lava flow.

Now, in the event that the PCs say “Screw this noise. Dude is dead. We’re not getting paid enough for this crap. Let’s bail.” (which is entirely possible), I’ll ditch the oasis children/mother stuff entirely and have the PCs hear the sound of gunfire as they near the caravan. Upon reaching that, they’ll find it under assault by raiders. These guys will retreat fairly quickly once it becomes clear that the PCs significantly outgun them.

I previously stated out the raiders but, thanks to the Players realizing that Quopist is such a low-G world, I needed to adjust it. The raiders in this case (and in fact, all Quopist locals) will have the Light Worlder and Martian Drylander templates from Biotech. Since these raiders are all tempest users, I’ve applied my revised tempest addict template as well.

Tempest Raiders, 146-point human thug

ST 9 {10}; DX 11 {20}; IQ 11 {20}; HT 11 {10}

Damage 1d/2d-1; BL 45lb; HP 12 {6}; Will 11 {0}; Per 11 {0}; FP 11 {0}; Basic Speed 5.5; Basic Move 5

Templates and Meta-Traits

  • Light Worlder; includes Racial ST Penalty -2 {-20}; Long Arms (2 Arms) 1 {20}; Long Legs 1 {10}
  • Martian Drylander; includes Filter Lungs {5}; Low-Pressure Lungs {0}; Nictitating Membrane 1 {1}; Night Vision 3; Reduced Consumption 1 (Water Only, -50%) {1}; Resistant (Poison) (Common) (+3, *1/3) {5}; Temperature Tolerance (comfort zone between 35°F and 140°F) 5 {5}; Unnatural Feature (Cat-Like Eyes) -1 {-1}
  • Rogue (Traveller: Interstellar Wars)
  • Tempest Addict; includes Enhanced Times Sense (HT seconds immediately after use); High Pain Threshold (lasts HT-2 after use); Lifting ST 4 (lasts HT-2 after use); Striking ST 4 (lasts HT-2 after use); Berserk (12 or less) (Battle Rage) {-15}; Delusion (severe; I am INVINCIBLE), (lasts HT-2 after use); Euphoria condition (lasts HT-2 after use).


  • Fearlessness 2 {4}
  • Zeroed {10}
  • Weapon Bond (Guns (Pistol))


  • Addiction (Tempest) (Cheap) (Totally addictive) {-15}
  • Callous {-5}
  • Skinny {-5}
  • Social Stigma (Tempest User, easily observed) -5
  • Wealth (Dead Broke) {-25}


  • Area Knowledge (local planet) (E) IQ+2 {4} – 13
  • Brawling (E) DX+2 {4} – 13
  • Carousing (E) HT+1 {2} – 12
  • Filch () DX+0 {2} – 11
  • Guns/TL9 (Pistol) (E) DX+2 {4} – 13
  • Holdout (A) IQ-1 {1} – 10
  • Intimidation (A) Will+1 {4} – 12
  • Knife (E) DX+0 {1} – 11
  • Pickpocket (H) DX-1 {2} – 10
  • Piloting/TL9 (Contragrav) (A) DX+2 {8} – 13
  • Shadowing (A) IQ-1 {2} – 10
  • Stealth (A) DX+0 {2} – 11
  • Streetwise (A) IQ+1 {4} – 12
  • Survival (Desert) (A) Per+0 {2} – 11
  • Urban Survival (A) Per+0 {2} – 11


  • Blackjack – thr 1d cr
  • Gauss Pistol, 4mm (TL9) – 3d(3) pi-
  • Reflex Bodysuit (TL9) – DR 12/4*