Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

So, I’m back from the “vacation” and have to get back into the proper head space for Saturday’s game. Which is also an issue at work since it’s always difficult after four days off.

Ultimately, this looks like the session is going to be fairly linear for the moment. Currently, I think it’ll play out in this sequence:

  • PCs interact with Lord Mika, learn that the crashed starship he’s investigating appears to be the source of the plague.
  • Soon after this, the raiders will strike, but will withdraw if (when) they hit serious resistance. Given that the PCs have been observed by the raiders so they know at least one of them is in space armor, their leader is going to have an infantry missile with an APEP warhead so he can try to take the armored guy out. He’s only got two shots and it isn’t a homing weapon, so Buck could theoretically dodge. As stated, serious resistance causes them to retreat – this is especially true if the leader gets whacked.
  • If the leader doesn’t get whacked, the raiders are going to make a second attempt while the PCs are escorting Lord Mika back to Tel Bollin, so we could do a Chase or a fight while PCs are aboard Mika’s cargo-lifter (think: Star Wars skiff.)
  • Once back in Tel Bollin, PCs will have an opportunity to observe some vargr who can lead them to the parked corsair. That will likely happen late in the session or in 4.17 as the PCs take the corsair (perhaps with some assistance from CDR Krin’s marines?)

Pretty simple. So stuffs I need:

  • Raiders. Got their stats in the previous Traveller post.
  • Sundro Tam, the raider leader. I think I’ve posted his stats before. Will have to verify.
  • Combat map for crashed ship. Got it.
  • Combat map for the skiff raid.
  • Stats for the vargr characters – got them, though I need to adjust them for low-grav … maybe.
  • Combat map for the corsair location. I may just use the crashed ship map again, although I’d actually like to have a different one.

I expect the taking of the corsair to be a rough fight … which is why I was thinking I could theoretically have the PCs locate the corsair, then have them run a team of heavily armed marines sent in to kick the shit out of the vargr corsairs…hmm … I actually kind of like that idea. If I go that route, I’d need to spin up the marine stats…