Recap and Game Notes: Traveller, 4.17

The TL;DR outline recap can be found here if one doesn’t want to listen to almost 6 hours (!)

As stated in the outline recap, Mel bowed out just as Loki returned, so our numbers didn’t really change. Ironically, the last two sessions had her playing Armin and suffering from microphone problems, and now that Loki took back over the character, she had mike issues.

My original intent was for there to be a three-way firefight, but with the PCs sniping the vargr in the opening round, that went by the wayside. I then promptly forgot that I’d adjusted the tempest addict template a little bit – ultimately, it wasn’t that much of an issue since the addicts were engaging with ranged weapons. In retrospect, they shouldn’t have taken the tempest until they were about to engage in HTH, but … eh. Whatever. Apart from that, though, I was relatively pleased with most of the player engagement with the fight – a little confused with Ronnke’s decisions with the (t)PC (since Eddy was back on the dropship with a broken leg) since he essentially sat out the entire fight without participating. Everyone else participated at least a bit.

Once again, though, the relative ease in which the PCs were able to get through the firefight without any actual damage thanks to being able to use CPs to ‘flesh wound’ any injuries seriously removes any threat to these fights. J-Aris was messed up a bit – I think he’s at -1 hp? – but that was only because he had no CPs to spend. Still, when I run season 5, I’m likely going to drop that to make firefights a lot more threatening.

I’m also still a little … off about Loki in the game. Right now, she’s playing Armin as very aggressive and angry, so I need to figure out how to handle that. It’s at the point now that I have some concerns for future stuffs – I mean, if she’s this openly hostile or aggressive toward nobles, well that’s an issue…

Next week will bring this adventure to a conclusion, though I’ve got to figure out how to really stretch the session out … I suppose what I could do is start moving directly into adventure 4 which takes the PCs to Mora. I also need to coordinate with Mel about whether she’s officially entering the hiatus stage and retiring Ella as stated.