Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

The previous session ended with the arrival of the Ine Givar terrorists and with the PCs pretty much scattered all over the place – three of them (Buck, Haank and Sae) are all close to the “principal,” Sir Korbin, while the other three are split up with Armin hiding out in the kitchen, Eddy in the process of leaving the Gala entirely, and J-Aris chasing the haaxors.

So I’m going to dial back just a bit so Eddy can have a brief moment with a much older woman of Oriental heritage – this is intended to be a ‘buck up’ moment as, when she realizes that he didn’t actually mean to kill Natoko, she laughs. He is, as far as she knows, the only person who met the man who did not want to shoot him. The man was a complete shit who deserved what happened to him and that’s rich, coming from her since she’s his mother!

With everyone else, they’ll have the fireworks moment, then a ‘soft rain’ falls out of the sky. The robots reboot but having clearly been hacked and then the armored dudes start arriving (using gravity belts, of course.) Sir Korbin realizes what the ‘soft rain’ actually is – paralysis gas from Ultra-Tech 160 – and will distract, then shove Haank over the ledge so he falls into some water down below. Buck and Sae are ordered to follow suit so they can do that thing they do. By this point, PCs should be seeing nobles collapse due to paralysis and Sae will see the guy who his former CO received stuff from get straight up executed.

Meanwhile, J-Aris is following the data trail which leads him to an airborne drone that is clearly a drone intended to serve as a stormchaser. This will lead to a hacking contest which I have some additional thoughts on:

  • Basic Abstract Difficulty of -3 (so bad guys have skills of 13.)
  • I’m going to treat this like a Chase (from Action 2) with the presumption that he will use Computer Hacking as his Chase skill. Rounds are an abstract length of time.
  • Each success shifts J-Aris one step along the chase thing (Short to Medium, Medium to Long, etc.) Each failure either shifts him backwards (Medium to Short, etc.) or if he’s in Close, gives him a cumulative -1 on further Chase rolls. Three failures in a row means he’s locked out.
  • Once he shifts out of Extreme, he has sufficient control of the computer to do … stuff. Of course, this means that the SysAdmin is about to blow the stormchaser out of the sky, so there’s not much time to do a whole lot…
  • This entire stuff will be run concurrently with the other PCs.

At any rate, I intentionally don’t have a plan with regards to how the PCs resolve the whole Ine Givar stuff because I want to see what the players come up with. I don’t have a tactical map in mind because I don’t want this to be a tactical encounter considering if the PCs get into a shooting fight with the terrorists, a lot of people are going get killed. So it’s going to be wholly up to the PCs to drive this

Regardless, in the aftermath of this – presuming that the PCs don’t thoroughly screw it up – their actions will be noted by the archduke himself. Since tradition holds that a higher ranking noble does not reward a junior’s retainers, Norris instead recognizes Spiirs by promoting him to Baronet of Regina (which is the highest rank that he is allowed to issue without the emperor’s declaration.) He’ll also publicly talk some shit to Duchess Delphine for her lax security. PCs will also gain a Reputation (Heroes of the 1123 Holiday List Gala, Sometimes (10 or Less), Almost everyone … in the Marches) out of this.

Following this, we’ll skip forward a couple of weeks as stuff is settled:

  • Ella officially departs the company, Spiirs joins, Sam stays with the company
  • Haank has already expressed interest in bringing Kaylii Patterson onto the crew
  • PCs agree to ‘lease’ the Miss Adventure from Lord Mika
  • Spiirs pulls some strings in the wake of the Holiday List Gala so ‘officially’ Valerie Vaskor dies in surgery, though in reality, she’s relocated to the Miss Adventure where Abe can continue looking after her.
  • Sae, whose player has expressed interest in improving his Intel Rank and adding Security Clearance, could get promoted within Imperium Intelligence.
  • Sae’s former CO reaches out to him, seeking transport off Mora but asks for a tour just to ensure that the ship isn’t a piece of crap. After the tour, he leaves to get his baggage … and is killed by an “accidental” runaway forklift. Sae will be debriefed, then eventually released but only after sort of figuring out that Imperial Intelligence is responsible for the hit on his boss. Back on the ship, he will end up finding a data device that his former boss clearly secreted. It is a biometric lock keyed to Sae and on it are petabytes of data, including a host of medical records and dozens of vids. Two time-stamped records (from immediately before the beginning of the Fifth Frontier War and then a year into it) will come to light and this will be how we end the season…