Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

As stated before, my Saturday run on Traveller has come to a conclusion with a (IMO) just okay season finale. It’ll be a while before it comes back around to me so I’m turning to other things (even though I have been doing some brain-storming for season 5 and have some really nifty ideas that I’ll probably go into later.

That said, though, I’ve been thinking about my Friday face-to-face group. Previously, I was running the Red Sky game but it was plagued with absences and that was a game that really could not handle players missing a lot because it was so character-centric. While perusing the interwebz during my above-mentioned brainstorming for season 5 of The New Deal, I encountered this post.

Straight away, this sounds kind of awesome to me. It’s Miami Vice … but in space! PCs would basically be recruited by the count of Porozlo to shut down a burgeoning crime syndicate and the like. Since I’ve already established in the Saturday game that Porozlo has an ongoing drug problem – tempest – that is steadily getting out of hand, I’d intentionally emulate the flow of cocaine into 1980s Miami.

Off-hand, I’d like start with 150-point characters but could be argued up to 175, and I’m already thinking that the first episode likely needs to begin with the PCs in prison (having already been inserted into the facility so as to start infiltrating that way.) And one of the opening adventures – perhaps the opening adventure – would culminate in them seizing a non-Jump capable ship during their “escape.”

And there’s no way I’m not going to have this puppy show up as a system defense boat (which will probably be the available combat PC ship)…

Yeah. I’m really hoping the F2F group buys into this because I think it could be really interesting and a lot of fun for me…