Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

GURPS Boardoom and Curia is a weird book for me. I really like the idea of an organization having what amounts to a statblock that the GM can look at to quickly determine what that org is immediately capable of as well as their numbers and general capabilities.

So I like what they’re trying to do but … ultimately, the book is less useful than I would like principally because its kind of a pain (for me) to get the stats. I really would like to have a spreadsheet of some sort to spin these up super quick.

Regardless, I thought I’d use this to create the primary target of the F2F game – which I absolutely need to come up with a cool campaign name for – in the form of a drug trafficking cartel clearly intended to emulate the Medellín Cartel that was such a problem in the 1980s. This is what I came up with.

The Aadkashli Cartel

Mission Statement: The Aadkashli Cartel makes money in the Spinward Marches by selling tempest, smuggled onto worlds from its (apparent) clandestine labs somewhere in the Porozlo system. It dabbles in other contraband as well as a host of other crimes such as arms trafficking, murder, political corruption and targeted assassinations. Under the flamboyant leadership of Pavel Jaen Aadkashli, the organization controls members and in-system government by appealing to a combination of greed and fear.

TL: 11^.
Members: 6,000 .
Wealth: Very Wealthy.
Contacts: Criminal skills-18 [15]; Drug skills-15 [10].
Member Traits: Hidden Facilities [5]; Legal Immunity (12 or less, -34%; Against local law-enforcement only, -34%) [6]; Social Stigma (Criminal Record) [-5]
Notable Resources: The Cartel controls a few dozen small-but-scattered “domed plantations”, seven small industrial complexes, about as many warehouses, and one well-hidden secret lab on the planet.
Reaction-Time Modifier: +2. Layers of secrecy increase the modifier for requests for mundane illegal activity (e.g., arranging a drug shipment from a known contact in the organization) to +4.

Startup Cost: $76,399,200,000
Resource Value: $381,996,000
Patron Value: 15 points.
Enemy Value: -30 points.
Ally and Dependent Value: The group can supply 0-to 50-point thugs as Dependents or members of groups of Allies. The cartel leaders are worth at least 200 points, and doubtless have an exotic bodyguard or two worth something in between.

Type: Commercial, Criminal.
CR: 4.
Loyalty: Good (14; +3).
Rank: Organized Crime Rank 0-5 [2/level].
Income Range: $4,050 (Struggling) to $810,000 (Filthy Rich)
Reputation: -3 (criminal organization, among law-enforcement agencies and law-abiding civilians)


The Aadkashli Cartel is a criminal organization that formed in 1115 when its main leaders Pavel Jaen Aadkashli, Eneri Ekiir, and the sisters Gamaagin, Nashu, Sharikkamur Namiirna banded together to gain a monopoly on contraband smuggling in the Porozlo system. Two years later, Karl Leiter and Adkhar Gemana joined the organization, bringing with them new drug-related resources.

In recent years, thanks to Aadkashli’s leadership, they have become the largest distributor of the new nano-drug tempest which has made them fabulously wealthy.