Game Prep: The PKF

In the year after his ascension to the countship following his father’s death, Lord Para quickly moved to reorganize the forces at his disposal. Their were more than seven different colonial customs and law enforcement agencies, each with their own jurisdictions, mandates and bureaucracies, all of which invariably competed with one another. Against the wishes […]

Game Prep: The Verge, Pt 2

Okay, it’s probably more accurate to say that it’s part 3 with that gravitics thing really being part 2 … but … yeah. This is fine. Moving on. Speaking of gravitics, I’ve done some additional digging and realized that we mis-identified Porozlo’s tech level. Using GURPS Traveller 3E, yes, it is TL9, but we’re using […]

Removing Gravitics from Traveller

So, on the Facebook Traveller page, I stumbled upon this link: Hard Space – Spaceflight. I really like what he’s thinking here and have already started floating the idea to the primary Traveller group (the Saturday Fantasy Grounds one) about implementing some of this. We already have phased in some of the things they do in The […]

Finn Sardock, RPM Caster and War-Leader

This is my player character in our currently active GURPS: Banestorm game. Third-born son of the retired adventurer, Lord Dane Sardock, Finn lived most of his life in Caithness until the expedition to retake Castle Defiant in 2035 which he joined. Upon reaching Defiant, his father delegated many of the leadership duties to young Finn, […]

Good Analysis

I mean, this is analyzing the best lightsaber fight in the entire series from the greatest movie of all time in the form of The Empire Strikes Back so … And yes, I will freaking fight you on that.

Bad Blogger

Yeah, I’ve done an absolutely terrible job of blogging over the last week which is partially laziness and partially nothing to say. I’m playing in two fantasy games right now – one is Pathfinder where I’m playing a Fighter/Cavalier/Chevalier who is in charge of the realm (we’re playing through the Kingmaker adventure path) and the other is GURPS Banestorm […]

Game Prep: The Verge, Pt 1

I’ve officially named my face-to-face campaign “GURPS Traveller: The Verge” – in my take on the Porozlo system, the “Verge” is the name given to all of the planets, moons and space stations scattered throughout that have inhabitants. Those who live on the mainworld (or the orbiting highport) are not considered part of the Verge… […]

Back from Vacation

Whee. Back and thoroughly sunburned. The tops of my feet were so badly burned – because I didn’t think to actually apply sunblock there since I’m generally a “shoes on all day” kind of guy – that they swelled up on day three and I had trouble standing and walking. Eventually, I started taking some […]