Game Prep: The Verge, Pt 1

I’ve officially named my face-to-face campaign “GURPS Traveller: The Verge” – in my take on the Porozlo system, the “Verge” is the name given to all of the planets, moons and space stations scattered throughout that have inhabitants. Those who live on the mainworld (or the orbiting highport) are not considered part of the Verge…

It also has a second meaning: the system is on “the verge” of full-on chaos..

I’m currently leaning toward 175-points for the characters, probably using the Action 4: Specialists stuff with the Basic Action Template with the appropriate skill sets … which probably means I need to adjust them for the era. I’m also going to allow the Biotech genegineered human racial templates for use as well should a PC opt to go for a Light Worlder (to properly reflect the Belters from The Expanse).

I also have some character concepts from five players – we have a sixth, but he really dislikes GURPS for some reason & hasn’t chimed in, so I halfway expect him to sit this game out. These concepts aren’t fleshed out, of course, but they’re a good step forward. I’ve given then ‘archetype’ names here:

The Sanctioned Operatorthis is primary investigator, the spy who has been assigned this mission. The player initially stated “full-on Miller/Noir-PI” (with Miller being a reference to The Expanse) but seems to have altered his take to more of a Michael Westen/Ethan Hunt spy type, which probably works better in the long run.

The Psionic Gambler: a half-Zhodani low-life who has numerous connections with the underworld. He’s not intended to be a combat monster – the player suggested having nothing more than a 12 in pistols or beams – and is likely going to be mostly a telepath with perhaps some minor TK. The player already mentioned looking through Psionic Powers. He’ll be read-in on the mission with the Operator having some sort shutdown code or device or something.

The Enraged Marine: former Imperial combat vet whose daughter died due to tempest – which in this case likely means she was beaten to death by a raging addict – which led to the PCs wife dying soon after of a broken heart (player’s words, not mine). Not he’s seeking blood-soaked revenge. Unclear if he’s read-in on the op yet.

The Socialite Pilot: a Julie Mao-esq character (another Expanse ref) whose father was involved in some shady crap that contributed to the family wealth. Initially, she was okay with it since, money let her do whatever she wanted (which ended up being a pilot) but she stumbled upon depths of her father’s depravity and revolted, which somehow led her to being imprisoned. She’ll have some white collar connections but it’s unlikely she’ll be read-in.

The Aslan Technician: this character is going to be a combo medic/mechanic with the whole “people and computers are kind of the same thing” mentality. Unfortunately, this player’s schedule (due to school) is wildly inconsistent, so we don’t know how frequently he’ll be available.