Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

So, on the Facebook Traveller page, I stumbled upon this link: Hard Space – Spaceflight.

really like what he’s thinking here and have already started floating the idea to the primary Traveller group (the Saturday Fantasy Grounds one) about implementing some of this. We already have phased in some of the things they do in The Expanse – for example, all PCs are suited up and the atmo is evacuated from the ship prior to a space battle – but I’m contemplating going a bit further (with the okay from the other players, of course) by essentially copying the same kind of things in this blog post with some adjustments.

Now in this scenario, gravitics won’t be completely removed – I envision higher TL stuff (say, 11^) could have artificial gravity or, as one of my Saturday players suggested already, AG might just be ludicrously expensive so it’s more of a luxury item. Which basically amounts to the same thing, I think.

Ultimately, I don’t think it changes things too terribly. I suppose what I really need to do is start my own list of adjustments, maybe dig into the Spaceships book a bit more.

Yeah. I really need to dig into the Spaceships book some more…

Hmm. Limited gravitics means no gravity belts and that could be an issue…