Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

In the year after his ascension to the countship following his father’s death, Lord Para quickly moved to reorganize the forces at his disposal. Their were more than seven different colonial customs and law enforcement agencies, each with their own jurisdictions, mandates and bureaucracies, all of which invariably competed with one another. Against the wishes (and outright pleas) of the directors of these agencies, Count Para merged them into a single bureau; seeing this, these former directors immediately began jockeying to run the newly created PKF (called such because PPKF is too difficult to say), but the count dismissed them all and instead appointed Vaden Awl to serve as the director.

A former Scout with a celebrated 30-year career, Awl was new to the system and with few friends in court as he was considered a ‘jumped up nothing’ to the entrenched noble class, but in this, he turned out to be the perfect choice for the directorship of the PKF. Establishing it along similar lines to the Scout Services, he streamlined the bureaucracy – in the process making more than a few political enemies when careers were ended – while simultaneously ramping up the enforcement presence throughout the system. This ‘aggressive policing’ would become extremely controversial as Awl’s anti-crime measures led to a string of high profile arrests and shootings that would be lambasted publicly for ‘excessive violence.’ The most high profile of these cases involved singer Belindi Khandler who would be shot nineteen times during her attempted arrest on the moon Dreher; Khandler’s proponents claimed (and continue to do so to this day) that she was ‘gunned down’ despite the considerable amount of evidence provided proving that she was utilizing her public career to conceal extensive criminal activities, a fact that Khandler actually emphasized during her tours as part of her ‘rebel’ image. It was during the Khandler controversy that the term ‘Peaceforcer’ first came into use as a slur.

Within five years of the establishment of the PKF, Awl’s ‘aggressive policing’ policy and hardline stance had earned him a solid reputation within the court of Count Para who arranged for a knighthood for the former scout. With this status promotion, Sir Vaden now had the power and authority to implement additional actions that the various bureaucrats throughout the system had resisted. Dividing the system up into ‘Patrol Zones,’ he reorganized the action arm of the PKF in a more paramilitary manner and successfully convinced Count Para to purchase a Skanda-class Patrol Cruiser which currently serves as Awl’s mobile command center.

Peaceforcers serve as in-system police but are rarely observed on the mainworld unless it is on Anjiliac Island. Critics of the PKF have noted that it would require very little effort on the organization’s part to transform into an actual military.

Porozlo Peace-Keeping Force

Mission Statement: The mission of the PKF is to protect and defend the Porozlo star system against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the Imperium, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and extra-solar agencies and partners; and to perform these responsibilities in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the public and is faithful to the Imperium.

TL: 11^.
Members: 25,000 .
Wealth: Very Wealthy.
Contacts: Law Enforcement skills-18 [15]; Intelligence skills-18 [15].
Member Traits: Duty (PKF) [-10]; Legal Enforcement Powers 3 [15]
Notable Resources: The PKF have four Wyrm-class System Defense Boats and one Skanda-class 400-ton Patrol Cruiser at their disposal. They also maintain a small fleet of 24 Faun-class 20-ton Gunned Gigs and run 8 of the 12 Vigilance-class stations stationed throughout the system.
Reaction-Time Modifier: +1. Layers of secrecy increase the modifier for requests for mundane covert activity (e.g., undercover operations) to +2.

Startup Cost: $BCr70
Resource Value: $MCr347
Patron Value: 30 points.
Enemy Value: -30 points.
Ally and Dependent Value: The group can supply 0-to 50-point PKF personnel as Dependents or members of groups of Allies. They can also deploy combat assault teams with personnel worth at least 200 points. Sir Vaden Awl himself is a 250-point character.

Type: Enforcement, Investigative, Military
CR: 4.
Loyalty: Good (14; +3).
Rank: Police Rank 0-5 [2/level].
Income Range: $4,050 (Struggling) to $810,000 (Filthy Rich) (!)
Reputation: -4 (Peaceforcers, among criminal organization)