Cavill Out As Superman?

So, based on the internet chatter, it looks like Henry Cavill may be out as Superman in the DCEU. Honestly, I can’t say I’m very surprised – apart from Man of Steel, which I will go to my grave arguing was a good movie, his outings as the Last Son of Krypton have been mired with shit writing. Even MoS has some pretty stupid plot elements and/or missed opportunities, but Murderman v Mopeyman frankly ruined the character and Justice League made him the butt of CGI jokes.

And then WB starts making noises about wanting to do a Supergirl movie instead of a Superman sequel? Yeah, if it was me, I’d be looking to bail as well considering it is categorically clear that neither DC no Warner Brothers actually knows what to do with him. He’s supposed to be the grand-daddy of all super-heroes but the MCU did a better job of capturing his character with Captain America than any of the DCEU flicks (even, I’m sad to admit, MoS.)

What’s really sad is that Cavill has truly seemed enthusiastic about the character and honestly looks like he was born to play Supes, especially the legendary Curt Swan’s take on the character from the 70s and 80s. As shitty as the movie itself was, Justice League also had positioned him to portray a lighter, happier, more engaging take on the character which could have made Man of Steel 2 a lot more enjoyable (presuming they got some fricking decent writers in for a change.)

Now, WB will probably just cast a black dude for “diversity,” then be shocked when a sizable portion of their intended audience freaks out.

Granted, this has not been officially confirmed yet, but everything I’ve seen – including Warner Brother’s comment on this story – seems to confirm it is the case. So … just another reason for me to check out of the DCEU, sadly enough…