Food Poisoning

Yesterday … well, technically the day before so Wednesday, I developed a bout of minor food poisoning … which freaking sucks like you can’t believe. I ended up crashing early on Wednesday, thinking I was just coming down with something, but ended up not being able to sleep hardly at all due to the various symptoms – abdominal pain, sweating, chills and let’s not forget everyone’s favorite: vomiting! So I had about an hour and a half of sleep when I came into work on Thursday morning, but I ended up leaving early once the other guy got in. I was planning on coming back to work around 2 or so, but that’s about when the symptoms started to abate & I stopped tossing/turning … which resulted in me sleeping hard. Happily, the symptoms are pretty much all gone now – I’ve got a headache that is probably due to my near-dehydration from the mess but that’s about it.

Now I get to try and catch up from missing pretty much all of yesterday…

As Promised: Lews Therin, the Magus (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint is just a rename of the Kensai, which is a Magus archetype.

Regarding his AC, that breaks down to:

  • Base 10
  • Dexterity +3
  • Deflection +2 (Ring of Protection +2)
  • Armor +6 (Chainshirt +2)
  • Shield +4 (Shield spell)
  • Natural Armor +2 (Wyvern Skin Cloak)
  • Dodge +1 (Dodge feat)
  • Dodge +2 (Combat Expertise feat)
  • Dodge +3 (Fighting Defensively; it’s +3 due to ranks in Mobility and is normally +2)
  • Dodge +5 (Canny Defense, which adds Intelligence bonus = to Magus level as dodge bonus)

Bad Blogger: Kingmaker and Excuses

So, yeah. I’ve been absent for the last week or so. I blame the official release of the Pathfinder: Kingmaker video game. I’ve been playing it almost nonstop. Admittedly, it’s still a bit buggy – Owlcat Games is a pretty small studio and, as someone who also works in a small software development company as the QA guy, I know all about how easily it is to break the software without realizing it. As a result of that, I’ve been pretty lenient on these guys, especially with how responsive they’ve been. The game dropped on Tuesday and they’ve released 5 hotfixes as of yesterday to resolve major issues. Sure, that’s indicative of a lot of issues, but it’s software.

Anyway, my current character is a Magus with the archetype Sword Saint and it amuses me to no end that his AC is, during a fight, higher than the tank’s even though he’s only wearing a chain shirt and she’s got full plate and a tower shield. Admittedly, he can’t hit the broad side of a barn unless he’s either lucky (really high d20 roll) or I cast True Strike (which gives me a +20 to hit), but that’s not the point. I’m currently into chapter 2 of that adventure path which is fighting the trolls. I’ve got another character – an aasimar paladin – who is into chapter 3 (which we just finished in our face-to-face group) but that game hit an irritating recursive loop bug in my capital so it’s pretty much dead.

Overall, I am enjoying the game though I did have to dial down the difficulty because man, they seriously ramped that up! I suppose it goes to the whole “you can reload” mindset which isn’t available in a F2F game, but honestly, if my 1st and 2nd level characters were running into random bandits with AC 22 or 23 like in this game with “default” difficulty level, I’d be wigging at at my GM. Case in point: my 3rd level PCs had a random encounter yesterday with an Elder Fire Elemental. That’s a CR11 creature! Before I’d really realized how insane this was, two of the six characters in my group were dead. Naturally, I reloaded and, from what I’ve gleaned on the Owlcat forums, that was fixed in the latest hotfix so random encounters are more level appropriate.

I’ll try to remember to post an image of the “character sheet” for my current PC…

James T. Kirk Bourbon

Currently, in our face-to-face Friday group, we’re playing a Star Trek game set post VOY and our ship is the USS James T. Kirk. I suppose I could claim this is just a prop but … we’ll see how much of it is still left after Friday…