Food Poisoning

Yesterday … well, technically the day before so Wednesday, I developed a bout of minor food poisoning … which freaking sucks like you can’t believe. I ended up crashing early on Wednesday, thinking I was just coming down with something, but ended up not being able to sleep hardly at all due to the various symptoms – abdominal pain, sweating, chills and let’s not forget everyone’s favorite: vomiting! So I had about an hour and a half of sleep when I came into work on Thursday morning, but I ended up leaving early once the other guy got in. I was planning on coming back to work around 2 or so, but that’s about when the symptoms started to abate & I stopped tossing/turning … which resulted in me sleeping hard. Happily, the symptoms are pretty much all gone now – I’ve got a headache that is probably due to my near-dehydration from the mess but that’s about it.

Now I get to try and catch up from missing pretty much all of yesterday…

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