Game Prep: ConsOps Characters

So it’s been confirmed that two of the players are going to sit this one out. That means McKay/Reilly is out and the Shaw character isn’t going to be introduced. This leaves me (currently) with four PCs (Baum, Hurt, Mahoney and Vega) which amount to Assassin, Shooter, Demolition Man (sorta), and Wheelman. There is some […]

Rewrite: BvS

So. It occurs to me, well after the fact, that I never actually published this here on the blog (though I did put a version of it up on my Facebook page.) What is it? A rewrite of the hot mess that was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in an attempt to undo the egregious OOCness […]

Game Prep: ConsOps 01b and Scenes 2/3

Have been watching some of the Mission Impossible movies again – 3 through the latest one, Fallout, because they more accurately fit the relative tone I like – and I’ve been reconsidering my previous plan to retire the McKay character. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of Benji Dunn, the character that is […]

Solo and the Disney SW Franchise

So I finally got around to watching Solo – it popped up on Netflix and I realized that I, previously one of the greatest Star Wars fans of all time, had not bothered watching it yet. This is in the wake of me having watched The Last Jedi a single time in theaters, realizing that my prevarication afterwards about […]

Game Prep: Desert Patrol Vehicle

One of the players in my ConsOps game has already mentioned needing to have one of these vehicles in the forthcoming game. Also known as the fast attack vehicle, these are dune buggies on steroids. Using the real-world stats, I spun up some GURPS vehicle stats for them. The image with the actual stats is […]

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

Looks pretty good. I’m rather pleased that they didn’t actually spoil Avengers: Endgame. For all I know, this is set before the events of Infinity War when Spidey got dusted.

Game Prep: ConsOps Session 01a

Did some character review and have made a suggestion to one of the players – McKay is really a drone guy so he shouldn’t be in the field. No, he should be in the rear with all of the gear, so I’ve recommended to the player that we semi-retire McKay – he’ll get promoted to a […]

Game Prep: ConsOps Session 01

As stated previously, I’m in the process of working on the GURPS: Action game that I’m likely going to be running on Saturdays in three or four weeks (depending on when we wrap up our current GURPS: Banestorm game.) I mentioned in the previous ConsOps post that I’m planning on ripping off the overall plotline […]