Game Prep: ConsOps 01b and Scenes 2/3

Have been watching some of the Mission Impossible movies again – 3 through the latest one, Fallout, because they more accurately fit the relative tone I like – and I’ve been reconsidering my previous plan to retire the McKay character. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of Benji Dunn, the character that is played by Simon Pegg – a lab guy desperate to become a field agent. So with that in mind, I’ve sort of rescinded that plan … though the player in question is frankly kind of terrible about actually responding to private messages so … I’ll have to just continue my planning without actually receiving any feedback from him, so I’m operating on the presumption that McKay will be active when the game comes online. This means that Reilly – the Navy SEAL who the player was going to take over – is sort of redundant, but I have some plans for him in Scene 4 that should really change the status quo.

But I get ahead of myself.

Scene 2: Debrief

Following the return of the PCs from Syria and depending on their physical states – I’m currently leaning on trying to injure Reilly during the Syrian op, so he has to stay behind in scene 3 – they will have two quick interactions. One is with their current boss, Hamilton Riggs, as played by Sam Rockwell – we have a running gag in our games where he always shows up; the joke is that every single game we play is a holodeck simulation that Rockwell’s character is running – who is irritated that the PCs keep running off-the-record operations for their former team-mate, Phil Quinn. Conveniently, Riggs will be called away before he can actually order them to not do so again (which is actually intentional as it will later be revealed that he and Quinn are working together to investigate some troubling hints that the ConsOps organization has been doing some dirty deeds.)

Shortly thereafter, Quinn himself will contact PCs (via teleconference, though he is in Israel for a conference with the ambassador and some Israeli officials) to review their findings and read them in onto a new info-gathering op. This one will take them into Egypt with instructions to poke into a specific dude who Quinn has identified via other means. Officially, this guy – who has the codename HEIMDALL for this operation (op name: “Asgard Yellow Checkmate”) – coordinates maritime shipments for a charity, but there have been enough red flags about him that Quinn is suspicious. So he wants the PCs to look into this.

Now presuming Reilly was lightly injured in the Syrian op, he’s going to remain behind … but if he wasn’t, well, that’ll make things interesting since we’ll have an extra character along for the trip for no real reason.

Scene 3: Asgard Yellow Checkmate

This is supposed to just be a recon mission intended to gather intelligence, but knowing PCs, it’ll turn into a firefight or at least a Chase … which could work out in my favor for future events. Regardless, PCs will likely begin with some research into the charity, then head to Port Said, Egypt where HEIMDALL has been operating from.

From here, everything is pretty fast-and-loose. Since I don’t know exactly what the PCs will do, I have to be ready for any number of craziness. Presuming they act in a relative sane manner, HEIMDALL’s hotel room is the obvious first place to begin, so a B&E stealth mission is the logical angle of approach (though God only knows that PCs don’t always act logically.)

With that in mind, the hotel is going to be under observation by members of the Egyptian special forces (specifically Unit 777) at the behest of the Egyptian National Security Agency who have some suspicions that HEIMDALL is a spy. These soldiers are trying (but not really succeeding) in staying out of sight while they observe HEIMDALL’s hotel … which has the expected result of actually doing the opposite since they’re not trained in proper tradecraft or even stealth, which the actual NSA operatives use as cover for their own activities. Stats for the two different organizations are below:

Unit 777 Soldiers

ST 11; DX 12; IQ 12; HT 11.
Damage 1d-1/1d+1; BL 24 lbs; HP 11; Will 12; Per 12; FP 11.
Basic Speed 6.00; Basic Move 6; Dodge 10; Parry 9.
5’11”; 200 lbs

Advantages/Disadvantages: Bloodlust (12); Callous; Combat Reflexes; Duty (Egyptian Army, 15, Extremely Hazardous); Fit; Military Rank 1; Overconfidence (12); Sense of Duty (Team)

Languages: Arabic (Native)

Skills: Administration-12; Armoury (Small Arms)-12; Artillery (Guided Missile)-11; Axe/Mace-12; Boating (Large Powerboat)-11; Boating (Unpowered)-11; Brawling-12; Camouflage-13; Climbing-12; Driving (Automobile)-12; Driving (Heavy Wheeled)-11; Electronics Operations (Communications)-11; Engineer (Combat)-11; Escape-10; Explosives (Demolition)-12; Explosives (EOD)-12; Explosives (Underwater Demolition)-11; First Aid-12; Forward Observer-11; Gunner (Machine Gun)-13; Guns (Grenade Launcher)-13; Guns (Light Anti-Armor Weapon)-13; Guns (LMG)-14; Guns (Pistol)-14; Guns (Rifle)-15; Hiking-11; Intelligence Analysis-11; Interrogation-11; Jumping-12; Knife-12; Leadership-12; Mechanic (Diesel Engine)-12; Navigation (Land)-13; NBC Suit-14; Parachuting-12; Savoir-Faire (Military)-12; Scrounging-12; Scuba-12; Soldier-12; Spear-12; Survival (Desert)-14; Survival (Mountain)-14; Swimming-12; Tactics-12; Traps-14

Equipment: GSh-18 9x19mm pistol; concealable vest

Egyptian NSA Spy

ST 11; DX 12; IQ 12; HT 11.
Damage 1d-1/1d+1; BL 24 lbs; HP 11; Will 12; Per 12; FP 11.
Basic Speed 5.75; Basic Move 5; Dodge 10; Parry 9.
5’11”; 185 lbs

Advantages/Disadvantages: Combat Reflexes; Compulsive Snooping (12); Curious (12); Duty (Egyptian NSA, 15, Extremely Hazardous); Enemy (Terror Group); Fit; Intolerance (Jews); Language Talent; Obsession (Protect my nation); Overconfidence (12); Sense of Duty (Team)

Languages: Arabic (Native); Dari (Native); English (Native); Farsi (Native); Hebrew (Native); Russian (Native)

Skills: Acting-13; Body Language-11; Carousing-13; Climbing-11; Computer Operation-12; Cryptography-11; Current Affairs (Business)-13; Current Affairs (Politics)-13; Current Affairs (Popular Culture)-13; Detect Lies-12; Diplomacy-12; Driving (Automobile)-11; Fast-Draw (Knife)-13; Fast-Draw (Pistol)-13; Fast-Talk-13; Filch-11; Forgery-10; Gambling-11; Garrote-12; Guns (Pistol)-14; Guns (Rifle)-13; Guns (SMG)-13; Holdout-11; Intelligence Analysis-10; Interrogation-11; Intimidation-13; Judo-11; Karate-11; Knife-13; Leadership-13; Merchant-11; Observation-12; Photography-12; Pickpocket-10; Professional (Tradecraft)-11; Research-12; Running-10; Savoir-Faire (High Society)-14; Savoir-Faire (Mafia)-14; Savoir-Faire (Servant)-14; Search-12; Sex Appeal-12; Shadowing-12; Sleight of Hand-11; Stealth-12; Urban Survival-11; Writing-11

Equipment: GSh-18 9x19mm pistol; concealable vest

So actions taken by the PCs here could theoretically lead them to a firefight with Egyptian authorities, but in the event they manage to avoid this, it seems likely that they’ll still be at least identified as “persons of interest” by the government, which can (read: will) cause them trouble later.

Presuming the PCs gain access to HEIMDALL’s hotel, they will likely find information that points them to a long bus ride by the operative who is going to the resort town of Dahab on “holiday” (but Tradecraft says he’s probably more likely meeting someone along the way.) In fact, he’s meeting two people who are classified (in my notes) as BALDR and BRAGI (though the PCs may name them something else.) This meeting takes place on a bus and PCs will have to get creative to gain access to it so they can eavesdrop since Bragi is a wire rat who has some tech to spoof electronic spying.


ST 11; DX 14; IQ 14; HT 11.
Damage 1d-1/1d+1; BL 24 lbs; HP 11; Will 14; Per 14; FP 11.
Basic Speed 6; Basic Move 6; Dodge 10; Parry 11.
5’6”; 185 lbs

Advantages/Disadvantages: Callous; Combat Reflexes; Danger Sense; Greed (12); Intelligence Rank 1; Secret (Accessory to many crimes); Selfish; Smooth Operator 1; Unfazeable

Languages: Arabic (Native); English (Native); Farsi (Native)

Skills: Acting-14; Brawling-15; Camouflage-15; Computer Operation-14; Cryptography-13; Current Affairs (High Culture)-15; Current Affairs (People)-15; Current Affairs (Politics)-15; Driving (Automobile)-14; Fast-Draw (Pistol)-15; Fast-Talk-14; Filch-14; Forgery-12; Freight Handling-13; Guns (Pistol)-15; Guns (Rifle)-14; Guns (SMG)-14; Hazardous Materials (Biological)-13; Hazardous Materials (Chemical)-13; Holdout-15; Housekeeping-15; Intelligence Analysis-13; Observation-13; Search-15; Shadowing-14; Smuggling-15; Stealth-14; Tracking-15; Wrestling-14.

Equipment: Glock 23 pistol; briefcase with Kriss Super-V SMG; concealable vest; burner cell phone


ST 10; DX 13; IQ 15; HT 11.
Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs; HP 10; Will 15; Per 15; FP 11.
Basic Speed 6.; Basic Move 6; Dodge 9; Parry 10.
5’9”; 185 lbs

Advantages/Disadvantages: Appearance (Attractive); Compulsive Lying (12); Duty (UNCI, 15, Extremely Hazardous); Honest Face; Language Talent; Luck; Secret (Homosexual); Social Stigma (Criminal Record); Smooth Operator 2

Languages: Arabic (Native); English (Native); Farsi (Native); French (Native); German (Native); Russian (Native)

Skills: Acting-16; Administration-14; Body Language-14; Brawling-14; Carousing-13; Computer Operation-15; Counterfeiting-13; Cryptography-14; Current Affairs (Business)-16; Current Affairs (High Culture)-16; Current Affairs (People)-16; Current Affairs (Politics)-16; Current Affairs (Popular Culture)-16; Current Affairs (Science & Tech)-16; Current Affairs (Sports)-16; Current Affairs (Travel)-16; Detect Lies-15; Diplomacy-15; Driving (Automobile)-12; Fast-Talk-16; Filch-12; Guns (Pistol)-14; Guns (SMG)-14; Holdout-14; Interrogation-14; Intimidation-16; Leadership-16; Merchant-14; Observation-15; Savoir-Faire (High Society)-17; Savoir-Faire (Mafia)-17; Savoir-Faire (Police)-17; Sex Appeal (Human); Smuggling-14; Stealth-12; Wrestling-13

Equipment: Mini-Uzi; concealable vest; burner cell phone


ST 10; DX 12; IQ 15; HT 11.
Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs; HP 10; Will 15; Per 16; FP 11.
Basic Speed 6.; Basic Move 6; Dodge 9; Parry 9.
5’9”; 185 lbs

Advantages/Disadvantages: Circuit Sense 4; Clueless; Contact (Fence, Fixer, Smuggler; skill 12) (12); Contact Group (Interpol, skill 15) (9); Curious (12); Duty (UNCI, 15, Extremely Hazardous); Gadgeteer (Quick; Solder & Duct Tape); Gizmo 1; High Manual Dexterity 2; Luck; Mathematical Ability 1; Secret (Homosexual); Social Stigma (Criminal Record); Workaholic

Languages: English (Native); Indian (Native)

Skills: Brawling-13; Carousing-12; Computer Operation-15; Driving (Automobile)-11; Electrician-18; Elec Ops (Communication)-18; Elec Ops (Security)-18; Elec Ops (Sensors)-18; Elec Ops (Surveillance)-18; Elec Rpr (Communications)-18; Elec Rpr (Computers)-18; Elec Rpr (Media)-18; Elec Rpr (Security)-18; Elec Rpr (Sensors)-18; Elec Rpr (Surveillance)-18; Filch-12; Forced Entry-13; Gambling-15; Guns (SMG)-12; Holdout-14; Intimidation-15; Lip Reading-15; Photography-13; Savoir-Faire (Mafia)-13; Search-15; Smuggling-14; Stealth-11; Streetwise-15; Traps-14; Urban Survival-16; Wrestling-12

Equipment: Mini-Uzi; concealable vest; burner cell phone

Presuming that the PCs don’t get made early on and engage in a firefight aboard the bus (which could be … interesting nonetheless), they will be able to learn that HEIMDALL is moving some cargo for BALDR and BRAGI, and this cargo is being transferred to Socotra. There is also another thing in play – Operation Pablo Jiménez, though it is unclear what this is.

At about the midway point of the bus trip – again, presuming the PCs haven’t ended up shooting it out with the three men – the bus will be stopped by an unexpected checkpoint manned by Egyptian military personnel (see above Unit 777 stats, except they’re carrying AKMs and have swapped out their concealable vests with Advanced Body Armor (from High Tech.) They are here to check everyone’s “papers” but are obviously looking for someone.

BALDR and BRAGI panic and overreact. They will exit the bus after producing their mini-Uzis from concealment, spray the nearest soldiers and make a run for it. Unless PCs get involved, the two will escape. Any civilians present will panic and, in this panic, HEIMDALL will make a discreet escape.

As to the PCs, well … that’s up to them. (Could be amusing if they have to shoot it out as well…)