Game Prep: ConsOps Characters

So it’s been confirmed that two of the players are going to sit this one out. That means McKay/Reilly is out and the Shaw character isn’t going to be introduced. This leaves me (currently) with four PCs (Baum, Hurt, Mahoney and Vega) which amount to Assassin, Shooter, Demolition Man (sorta), and Wheelman. There is some talk about maybe inviting some newbie player(s) to join, but I’m a little leery about about that because of the usual hesitation about bringing in new players; I have no idea if they’ll mesh well or even if they will show up on a regular basis and this particular game is going to rely pretty heavily on the characters actually being there. At the same time, there are some fairly notable gaps in the capabilities of the PC group as it stands so …

So ultimately, I’ll need to contemplate what I want to do there. I suppose I could retool the “Shaw” character into a “pick a gender and an avatar” for a newbie and let someone run him or her. After all, getting more people into GURPS is what we want, right? I also have another character that I’ve been building with an eye on playing him later should the regular GM take back over the game who is an Infiltrator. I could make him available as well for a new player.


ST 12; DX 14; IQ 12; HT 12.
Damage 1d-1/1d+2; BL 29 lbs; HP 13; Will 12; Per 13; FP 12.
Basic Speed 7; Basic Move 7; Dodge 11; Parry 11.
5’3”; 115 lbs

Advantages/Disadvantages: Bad Temper (15); Bloodlust (15); Code of Honor (Soldier’s); Combat Reflexes; Duty (CIA/ConsOps, 15 or less, Extremely Hazardous); Fit; Gunslinger; High Pain Threshold; Light Sleeper; Low Empathy; Luck; Overconfidence (12); Sense of Duty (Team)

Languages: English (Native); Farsi (Native); Spanish (Accented, Spoken)

Skills: Acrobatics-13; Armoury (Small Arms)-13; Boating (Motorboat)-13; Climbing-13; Computer Operation-12; Cryptography-11; Diagnosis-12; Driving (Automobile)-13; Electronics Operation (Medical)-12; Escape-12; Fast-Draw (Ammo)-15; Fast-Draw (Pistol)-15; Filch-14; First Aid-13; Forced Entry-14; Forgery-11; Gunner (Machine Gun)-14; Guns (Grenade Launcher)-14; Guns (Pistol)-16; Guns (Rifle)-15; Guns (Shotgun)-15; Guns (SMG)-15; Holdout-13; Intelligence Analysis-11; Interrogation-10; Jumping-14; Karate-13; Lockingpicking-12; Observation-13; Parachuting-14; Pharmacy (Synthetic)-12; Photography-12; Physician (Human)-12; Physiology-12; Professional Skill (Tradecraft)-12; Running-12; Scuba-12; Search-13; Shadowing-12; Smuggling-12; Soldier-12; Stealth-13; Surgery-12; Swimming-12; Throwing-13; Wrestling-14

Equipment: H&K HK416D145RS; H&K USP .40; Advanced Body Armor

Notes: This character is basically a ripoff of Sameen Shaw from Person of Interest, though gender could be changed for the game. Self-diagnosed Axis II Personality Disorder; she does not understand emotions at all which gives her difficulty interacting socially. Completed medical school and had begun her residency, where she was praised for her technical skills, but came under criticism for her lack of concern for whether her patients lived or died. She then joined the Marines where she became one of the very first females to join an infantry battalion; later, her competence with firearms and combat ops drew the attention of senior JSOC officials who saw the benefit of having her in certain field ops as few would expect a female to be capable of the controlled violence she is. This ultimately led her to separating from the Marines when she was recruited by the CIA’s Special Activities Division, during which time her military career was wholly sanitized so she could operate as part of the operation known as Catalyst Indigo, responsible for acting on “relevant list” intel … which was shorthand for wetworks. Again, however, her personality disorder led to some problems – she excelled at being the sharp end of the spear but was significantly less capable with the other aspects of the operation and this ultimately led her to being recruited for the Consular Operations Strike Team Alpha.


ST 10; DX 14; IQ 13; HT 11.
Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs; HP 10; Will 13; Per 13; FP 11.
Basic Speed 6.75; Basic Move 6; Dodge 10; Parry 10.
5’8”; 175 lbs

Advantages/Disadvantages: Combat Reflexes; Contact (Ericka Nguyen, AP journo & F-W-B, effective skill 12, 9 or less); Craftiness 4; Curious (12); Duty (CIA/ConsOps, 15 or less, extremely hazardous); Enemy (Crimson Jihad, medium-sized group, 6 or less); Fit; Flexibility; Intelligence Rank 1; Intolerance (Wahhabists); Language Talent; Light Sleeper; Luck; Obsession (Find Those Responsible for the Murders of My Parents, Short-Term goal); Overconfidence (12); Secret (Espionage Agent, utter rejection); Sense of Duty (Team)

Quirks: Delights in playing up the Canadian thing to mess with people; is a snob with regards to music – it’s classical or nothing; obsessive fan of the Montreal Canadiens NHL team; takes long motorcycle rides to decompress; tries to avoid talking politics because he’s comparatively right-wing in a community of lefties

Languages: Arabic (Native); English (Native); Farsi (Native); German (Native); Russian (Native); Spanish (Native)

Skills: Acrobatics-13; Acting-16; Animal Handling (Dogs)-12; Body Language-12; Camouflage-17; Climbing-16; Computer Operations-13; Cryptography-12; Currently Affairs (Business)-13; Current Affairs (Politics)-13; Current Affairs (Popular Culture)-13; Detect Lies-11; Diplomacy-11; Driving (Motorcycle)-14; Electronics Operation (Security)-13; Electronics Repair (Security)-12; Escape-15; Fast-Draw (Knife)-15; Fast-Draw (Pistol)-15; Fast-Talk-12; Filch-13; Forced Entry-14; Forgery-12; Gambling-12; Garrote-14; Guns (Pistol)-16; Guns (Rifle)-15; Guns (SMG)-15; Holdout-17; Intelligence Analysis-12; Interrogation-12; Intimidation-12; Judo-13; Jumping-14; Karate-13; Knife-14; Knot-Tying-14; Leadership-12; Lockpicking-13; Observation-13; Parachuting-14; Photography-13; Pickpocket-12; Professional Skill (Tradecraft)-13; Research-13; Running-11; Savoir-Faire (High Society)-13; Savoir-Faire (Mafia)-13; Scuba-13; Shadowing-17; Sleight of Hand-13; Smuggling-13; Stealth-19; Swimming-12; Traps-14; Urban Survival-12; Wrestling-13; Writing-12

Techniques: Choke Hold (Judo)-11; Disarming (Judo)-13; Head Butt (Karate)-12; Knee Strike (Karate)-12; Targeted Attack (Knife Thrust/Neck)-12.

Equipment: H&K USP .40 (silenced); Advanced Body Armor

Notes: Born to a Saudi father (Nayef al-Sibai) and a Spanish mother (Ana María Villalobos Talero). Parents met in Spain where they quickly fell in love and eloped; unfortunately, Dad was a vocal opponent of the Wahhabism that dominates so much of Saudi culture and preached – loudly and often – for Islamic reform. This led to his death by assassination – extremists with nominal ties to the Saudi crown murdered him in the streets of Madrid and then managed to completely elude capture. In fear for her life and already pregnant, Ana María fled Spain to Montreal, Canada where she adopted the identity of María Villalobos. Her son was born soon after and grew up mostly ignorant of his father’s true identity. Eventually, Ana María revealed the truth to him shortly before he graduated from high school (RESEARCH); from that point on, ‘Tony’ began digging into Crimson Jihad, the the Wahhabist terror organization responsible for his father’s death. He wisely kept his growing obsession with them a secret but was not quite as successful as he would like as he was identified as a potential homegrown terrorist by CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) who began discreetly monitoring him, then passed on their warnings to their American cousins when Tony was accepted into Columbia School of Journalism on a scholarship. A year into his studies, two major things happened that would change his life forever. First, his mother was murdered by Crimson Jihad operatives who had tracked her down; to this day, Tony remains unsure if his research into the organization was responsible and considers himself responsible. Second, the Central Intelligence Agency recruited him, having long since determined that he was interested in the terrorist organization for reasons other than joining them. At the CIA’s suggestion, Tony continued his studies at Columbia and, upon graduation, joined the Associated Press as a photojournalist. This cover has allowed him to go into numerous hotspots … but has also given him a lot of heartburn because he’s found that his personal opinions and politics do not come close to matching those of his associates; as a result, he’s gained something of a reputation within his circle of journalist co-workers as the token ‘conservative guy,’ which essentially marks him as an outsider. At the same time, this minor isolation has helped with his other job, that of a CIA operations officer. More recently, he’s been seconded to Consular Operations for … reasons.

I envision Oscar Isaacs as this character.