Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Finally. Seriously, I’ve scheduled the conceal-carry class like six times with a handful of different locations and in instance, it was cancelled, whether due to inclement weather or sicknesses with the staff or too many cancellations. My mistake, I think, was not just signing up for them at H&H Shooting since that’s the “Big Store” with the range (and is always fricking busy.)

Still, it occurs to me that I should knock on some wood and hope I didn’t jinx myself here.

I fully expect to go through the class, fill out the paperwork and send the $100 to the state for 5-years worth of CCW licensing … and the new governor of Oklahoma to sign off on Constitutional Carry. On the bright side, one of my sisters lives in Missouri and that state recognizes OK’s CCW … and she kind of lives in a pretty crappy town so…