GM Commentary: ConsOps 2.02

Okay, then. Into unexpected places we go. Overall, I was relatively happy with the session – most of the characters were frequently engaged (less so Vega, the wheelman, though I’ll get into that later) and the players themselves took some courses of action that legitimately surprised me. We did not get as far as I […]

Fricking Spam

I’ve disabled the option for “anyone” to register on the blog because, OMFG, the spambots hit me pretty hard today. I checked my email and had received¬†ninety new Spam users this morning alone. There were over 3000 total in the system … so I’m not sure why I was hammered so hard recently. I’ve since […]

Sudden and Severe Mood Change

Good Lord. In the last hour, for some utterly unexplained reason, my mood has nosedived. I legitimately can’t recall the last time I was in this foul of a mood and I have absolutely no idea why. Nothing has really changed. Dinner was okay and I’m actually really enjoying the book I’m reading, Carte Blanche. […]

GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.02

With the way the previous session ended, I’ve got the team split up into three groups scattered across Port Said, Egypt. They are: Adam Vega (ASIS Wheelman) in a car outside a storefront that the guy he was Shadowing has entered. He can hear sirens on rapid approach. Naritpal Mahoney (MI5 CBRNE) in one of […]

GM Commentary: ConsOps 2.01

Well … that happened. The session went a little bit longer than I expected and was simultaneously less … actiony than I’d intended but overall, I think I was satisfied. Not perfectly content or anything, but … it was tolerable, I guess. Obviously, this was the first session so there was going to be some […]

GamePrep: ConsOps Season 2, Session 1 This Weekend

So … wheee. Game on this weekend with me as GM. Totally time for me to begin outright panicking. I’ve covered the basics of my “plan” in previous posts but I’ve made a few minor alterations. Overall, I expect it to play out thus: I’ll probably open with a descriptive scene of four shadowy and […]

Wherein the Universe kicks me in the Kidney

Had my annual check-up last week, complete with “pee in a cup” and take blood labs. The labs came back with “blood in your urine,” which necessitated a visit to the urologist which took place yesterday. And what did I learn? That I’ve got a fairly large kidney stone that, luckily, doesn’t appear super calcified. […]

“Good” (?) News

I took a look at the landscape for our Friday face-to-face games and realized something – with the loss of one of our players (who had to move out of state for work-related reasons), we no longer have a space-based sci-fi game. Now I’d proposed the Traveller game set in Porozlo a while back, but […]

Terrible, Horrible Mistake

So I made the terrible, horrible, no-good mistake of blasting through the entirety of “The Dragon Prince” on Netflix last night – only about 20 episodes total, each being about 20-25 minutes long – and now, my brain has sort of engaged on “how do I rip this off for gaming?” Because of course it […]