Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Had my annual check-up last week, complete with “pee in a cup” and take blood labs. The labs came back with “blood in your urine,” which necessitated a visit to the urologist which took place yesterday. And what did I learn? That I’ve got a fairly large kidney stone that, luckily, doesn’t appear super calcified. Evidently, this stone was identified the previous time I visited the urologist last year, but the ball was dropped on both ends – I missed my follow-up appointment where the doctor intended to tell me, then forgot about it entirely, and they failed to call me.

So … scheduled the procedure to get rid of said kidney stone for Tuesday morning and then this morning, discovered it’s out of network so I’m going to end up having to pay the entire fucking thing. Which is (just for the doctor) $13,000.

Ugh. This sort of shit almost makes me want to go all lefty and demand universal health-care…