Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

So … wheee. Game on this weekend with me as GM. Totally time for me to begin outright panicking.

I’ve covered the basics of my “plan” in previous posts but I’ve made a few minor alterations. Overall, I expect it to play out thus:

  • I’ll probably open with a descriptive scene of four shadowy and armed figures diving out of an airplane at night over Syria.
  • Begin in media res, with the unit (4 personnel, sub-divided into an overwatch team (Blue Team) with a sniper (Baum) and spotter (Vega) covering while the entry team (Red Team) (Mahoney and Hurt) go in on foot.
  • There is a platoon-sized element of Syrian forces present with two BTR-40s, but they are less than professional.
  • Red Team must (easily) evade a patrolling BTR.
  • At this point, I recap the briefing in a “flashback” before resuming.
  • Red Team must get past a pair of guards who are ostensibly watching over the entry to the target facility. They can be as lethal as they would like here.
  • One of Red Team may notice that the facility evidently was not breached forcibly which indicates some things…
  • Once inside facility, their comms go crappy.
    • Inside, the facility, Red Team will find chaos, can locate potential info as well as also having a conflict with a infected hostile.
    • Outside the facility, Blue Team will note approaching headlights that turn into a convoy of military vehicles. This doubles the number of Syrian personnel present; they’re now led by a Syrian Colonel.
    • Soon after, a trio of Russian Hinds arrive, deploy a number of Spetsnaz and a Russian colonel, then orbit the area in patrol.
    • The two colonels argue. Intensely. And will (unless something happens) eventually head toward the facility.
  • At this point, I’m playing it by ear. I don’t know if the PCs will kick up the hornet’s nest and try to cause the Russians and Syrians to start shooting one another (which could totally happen if they play their cards right), or do their level best to avoid detection entirely (which could also happen.)
  • The presence of the Hinds potentially complicates things for the PCs in the event they try to escape via a Chase as those choppers are very well-armed. At the same time, if they manage to cause the Russians and Syrians to start shooting at one another, it’s entirely possible (likely, even) that at least one of the Hinds will be shot down by the Syrians.
  • Ultimately, I’d like to end in a really dramatic manner, though a lot is going to depend on the actions of the PCs. I could easily see them just skulking away without ever letting the bad guys know they were there.
  • Of course, if the PCs do screw up here, it’s going to be pretty spectacular and I’ll be very interested to see how they get out of this mess.

After this stuff, we’ll go into the campaign intro, character commentary and all the rest before moving on to the debrief (back in Israel – how did they get back? The scene changed, man! That’s how!) All in all, that should be more than enough for session 1.