Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Good Lord. In the last hour, for some utterly unexplained reason, my mood has nosedived. I legitimately can’t recall the last time I was in this foul of a mood and I have absolutely no idea why. Nothing has really changed. Dinner was okay and I’m actually really enjoying the book I’m reading, Carte Blanche. And yet, I don’t want to deal with anyone … on pain of “can I beat them to death with a bat?”

It certainly doesn’t help that tomorrow is my 47th birthday and I’ve got nothing but wasted or missed opportunities to show for it. Single and likely to remain that way, no kids and unlikely to have any, etc. At this age, my dad already had three kids and would have a fourth in a couple of years.

Right. So that’s the mood I’m in. Think I’m done for the night. Certainly not going to accomplish anything useful.