GM Commentary: ConsOps 2.06

As expected, this session was pretty much just the tactical combat for the warehouse assault, alongside some Egyptian military forces. To set up the next plot element, I had Reilly and Vega absent from the battle which left their players to take over two NPCs. One was Agent el-Sisi, Egyptian National Security Agency, built as […]

Avengers: Endgame Review

Wow. Just … wow. Ten years has led to this and … in the end, it was pretty damned awesome. Yes, I have quibbles. I ultimately didn’t like the very last scene (which was a flashback) and thought it was unnecessary, and there’s a Grrrrrrlllll Power moment during the big, climactic battle that irritated me […]

GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.06

Considering where we left off with 2×05, my original plan was for a fairly large tactical combat as the PCs put into motion their plan to A) have local SWAT storm the warehouse which B) the PCs use as cover to enter as well while dressed as SWAT. I really thought this was a great […]

GM Commentary: ConsOps 2.05

As expected, this session was kind of light on the “action” part, with the bulk of the time spent setting up future events. We basically began at the PC HQ where they sifted through available intel and had a conversation with their boss who revealed that he knew they’d continued to do side missions for […]

MauLer’s review of & My Thoughts on Captain Marvel

Yeah. Sounds like I made the right choice in skipping this mess. Just watching this makes me think some thinky-thoughts about how I think they should have made it. Note that this is pretty much all stream-of-consciousness and would obviously need some more in depth thinkage about various plot points. First. Recast. Brie Larson is […]

GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.05, Pt 2

As promised (threatened?), this is the second part of my game prep stuffs for session 2×05. We left off with the Riggs follow-up followed by my “tempted to have Spetsnaz kick in the door” commentary. Since then, however, I’ve rethought that and, rather than have the PC location be raided after they’ve interrogated a captured […]

GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.05, Pt 1

So we’re finally at the point where I expected us to be by the end of session 2. Which doesn’t really bode well for my “I don’t want to run for 6 mos.” declaration, does it? Anyway… I’m planning on beginning in media res with the PCs already at some secluded location where they can […]

GM Commentary: ConsOps 2.04

Finally. Progress. In session 4, we reached the point where I expected us to be at the end of session 2 … and all it really boiled down to was “Three Chases.” Having learned my lession from the previous session, I jumped straight into the boat chase but, once again, I underestimated Vega’s skills. My […]

Episode IX Teaser … Bores Me

  I fricking hate that I am so utterly indifferent to this trailer. When I watched it, I literally shrugged and realized just how badly The Last Jedi burned me. A friend of mine commented (and it fits my thinking perfectly): “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this trailer. I just don’t care.” Yeah. That’s perfect. […]

GamePrep: ConsOps Season 2 Revised Arc

Did some rejiggering for the planned story arc and these are the major bullet points that will come into play: To Israel These events are mostly covered elsewhere and revolve around the PCs chasing after HEIMDALL. Chases and potential firefights abound here. Mackenzie Reilly, Navy SEAL who is member of DEVGRU, joins the team temporarily […]